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In The News

A Distributor Asks:We provided hand sanitizers to the police department in a major metropolitan city. The supplier we used in the campaign then sent out a press release to news outlets in the city and took credit for the product. … Read More »

On The Up

A Supplier Asks:After careful consideration, we think it’s necessary to increase the prices of some of our products by as much as 30 percent. Rather than just springing it on distributors, we’d like to inform them of our decision and … Read More »

Ride Along

A Distributor Asks:“I asked a supplier to come with me on a sales call, but she declined saying she didn’t want to show favoritism to one distributor. Was I out of line? I thought suppliers wanted to help me educate … Read More »

Ask And You Shall Receive

A Distributor Asks:Is it a good idea to send out a company report card to clients and ask for their feedback? I’d like to know if they’re satisfied with our services and what we could do to serve them better, … Read More »

Game Changer

A Distributor Asks:I’m looking for ways to increase the professionalism of my distributor company and am thinking about looking into the Certified Advertising Specialist (CAS) certification. Does certification make any difference to my clients? Is it reasonable to expect that … Read More »

A New Type Of Sales Call

A Distributor Asks:One of my clients told me another distributor is trying to schedule a sales call with him. He told the salesperson he is not interested in moving the business and happy with the products and services I provide. … Read More »

Online Insecurity

A Distributor Asks: A client recently found an item online at a lower price than I could quote it. It’s not exactly the same item but it’s close enough that he’s willing to buy it online instead of from me. … Read More »

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