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Audience Participation

A Multi-line Rep Asks: Holding the attention of distributor sales reps during product demonstrations is a lot like herding cats. They’re using their cell phones, talking with each other and going in and out of the room. What can I do to attract and hold their attention during presentations? Read More »

Safety Concerns

A Supplier Asks: Product safety is an increasingly important issue for the industry, especially for distributors with larger clients. But we wonder what percentage of all clients are asking for products that have been tested. Are end buyers asking for safer products? Read More »

Shipping Wars

A Distributor Asks: I’m curious if someone can shed some light on suppliers’ shipping charges. Is it an industry practice that suppliers use shipping as a line of revenue, specifically charging distributors published rates as opposed to actual rates thereby creating a profit center? Read More »

Copyright Free?

A Supplier Asks: Is it necessary to protect myself from copyright infringement lawsuits when I’m decorating products? And how should I do it? Read More »

Just Eat It

A Distributor Asks: We received an email proof from a supplier for a product with an integral design. We had the client and our rep approve it; but, once the products were printed, the size of the imprint relative to the scale of the product was off and the client rejected it. Our policy is to satisfy the customer, so we ate the cost created by remediation and our supplier split it with us out of good will. How would other companies handle this situation? Read More »

Value Statement

A Supplier Asks: When sourcing products, it appears to distributors that several suppliers manufacture identical products. In some cases, this is true. In others, it is not. Some suppliers use higher-grade materials for items that have look-a-likes, and this often results in slightly higher prices. Will distributors pay more for products made of better materials, or is price more important? Read More »

To Show Or Not To Show

A Multi-line Rep Asks: I have been asked to do an end-user event by a distributor that has sold a total of $7,000 for the year from the 10 lines I represent. My commission is five percent, which totals $350 for the year. I have great lines and great brands. Should I do the show based on the ROI? Read More »

Show Business

A Supplier Asks: We receive a lot of offers to participate in end-user shows. Since these are often expensive investments, what do other suppliers do to maximize their investment, and what do distributors do to take advantage of the opportunity? Read More »


A Distributor Asks: My client unearthed the name and contact information of a supplier I used to fulfill his order. He then called the supplier and asked for a copy of my invoice, and the supplier sent it to him. I was shocked! What should I do? Read More »

Foreign Exchange

A Distributor Asks: On an international product reorder from Quebec to New York, my client received a bill for foreign shipping charges on the items shipped from the supplier. The bill was $400, but after investigating I learned that the supplier could have filled out a NAFTA form and reduced the charges to $70. This charge was not indicated in the price quote, and I’d never encountered it in my previous orders with this supplier. Am I liable for this bill? Is there any way I can avoid losing this client? Read More »

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