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Welcome To The Neighborhood

A Distributor Asks: A multinational corporation just relocated to my area, and I would love to get a piece of its marketing budget. Do you have any suggestions for getting my foot in the door? Read More »

One For You, One For Me

A Distributor Asks: I like to ask my suppliers to send one or two finished pieces of each order to me so I can keep them. I may use them as samples later or just create an archive of work we’ve done. Is it unreasonable to expect to get these for free? Read More »

Everything On Display

A Distributor Asks: Our distributorship has a pretty extensive product showroom that we try to keep as updated as possible. How do other distributors deal with pricing of samples and how often do they do an inventory and purge discontinued products? Read More »

Help For The Time-Starved

A Distributor Asks: Lately some of my clients have come to demand so much of my time that I can’t serve them the way they would like and build my business through new client acquisitions at the same time. Do you have any time management tips for small distributors like me? Read More »

Call Me, Maybe

A Distributor Asks: Why do suppliers call me on the phone to verbally confirm orders I’ve submitted in writing, sometimes stopping the order if I can’t take their call? I’m more comfortable submitting written orders because mistakes are more likely to be made over the phone, and I don’t think these calls are necessary. Read More »

Social Media Strategy How-To

A Distributor Asks: What social media platforms work best for marketing to my clients, and how do others utilize them? I’m trying to structure a strategy for my company, and I would like to learn from the accomplishments and mistakes of others. Read More »

Money, Money

A Distributor Asks: I am a small distributor, and sometimes suppliers with whom I want to do business will ask me for 50 percent, or as much as 100 percent, of an order’s cost up front. Is this typical of all suppliers, and what can I do to avoid this? I don’t always have the capital to fund an order completely, and I don’t want to ask my clients to pay in full up front every time they place an order with me. Read More »

In Focus

A Supplier Asks: We’re interested in holding a distributor focus group to get feedback on our products, but we would like some guidance in setting it up successfully. Should we hold it away from our office and conceal our company name to prevent bias? Also, how can we entice distributors to take the time to help us out? Read More »

Free Samples

A Distributor Asks: I like to show actual samples to clients as much as possible, as I feel it helps close sales and manage expectations of the final order. Why don’t more suppliers offer free samples, or at least deduct the price of samples from the final order? Read More »

Virtual Worlds

A Supplier Asks: We’re thinking of allowing our distributors to create their own virtual samples on our website. Do distributors like being able to make samples themselves, or is it more convenient to have suppliers create them? Do end buyers respond the same to both types of samples? Read More »

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