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Shipping Dilemma. Who Pays?

A Distributor Asks:
If a job has been pre-paid and the end user refuses to pay for the shipping, even though the order stated “plus shipping,” what is the recourse for the distributor? Is the shipping deducted from the salesperson’s commission or does the distributor write it off as a loss? Read More »

When A Shipment Goes Horribly Wrong

A supplier shipped a sample directly to us instead of to our customer, as requested. It was a good thing because they inserted literature from our competitor offering a discount. A month later, the same thing happened with a different supplier. Read More »

Pay To Play

A Supplier Asks: We’d like to increase our in-house inventory levels for some of our most popular products. This is one of the riskier things a business can do, so how do we know if we’re ready? Read More »

Art Smart

A Distributor Asks: One of our distributor salespeople was previously with one of our competitors. While with our competitor, she submitted artwork to a supplier for an order. After joining our company, she received another order with the same artwork. Who owns the artwork after an order has been placed and paid for, the end customer or the distributor? Read More »

Fashionably Late

Fashionably Late

A Distributor Asks: My supplier promised an in-hands date and then called at the last minute to say they weren’t going to make it. This meant my client didn’t have the products they ordered for their event and I lost the sale. I’ve worked with this supplier a lot and this has never happened before. What should I have done? Read More »

An Unfaithful Client

An Unfaithful Client

A Distributor Asks: We have a client who has “relationships” with four different suppliers who have granted them “distributor” status. This means they have cut us out of the loop and are selling directly to our client. We can’t approach the supplier for fear they’ll call the client. (This already happened inadvertently when we asked about pricing—the sales rep actually called our client to complain.) Can you suggest ways to handle this? Read More »

Keep ’Em Coming Back

Keep ’Em Coming Back

A Distributor Asks: What are some perks we should consider offering in order to attract and keep quality sales reps? We’d like to know what other companies in the industry do to keep their reps happy. Read More »

Change Your Mind

A Distributor Asks: My client called me with a product request for a campaign she’s planning. She and her team were really enthusiastic about the idea, but I thought it was all wrong for their marketing objectives. I said I could get her what she wanted, but I also spontaneously threw out some other suggestions over the phone. She accused me of trying to upsell her and said she wanted to stick to the original idea. What is the best way to offer alternative product ideas when clients have their mind set on something? Read More »

Penned In

A Distributor Asks: When my client received an order of logoed pens, they were in pristine shape. Months later, my client mentioned in an email that she used the pens at an outdoor event and noticed that the printing came off of some of the pens while they were in use. What, if anything, should I do at this point to make up for this? Read More »

Should We Make It Official?

A Supplier Asks: We’re considering creating an official price-matching policy and posting it to our website. Until now, we’ve handled these requests on a case-by-case basis and never advertised it. Will an official policy entice new distributors to work with us, or just waste our reps’ time by inviting pricing requests that never turn into orders? Read More »

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