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Restaurants: Ripe With Opportunity

When stomachs start rumbling, it’s easy to crack open the menu at a favorite restaurant or cruise through a drive-thru. On an average day last year, more than 130 million of us were doing exactly that: dining out. Hungry patrons … Read More »

Feel Better At Work

If you or your employees are feeling drained at work, it may not be solely because you’re doing the jobs of two or more people while trying to keep sales at pre-2009 numbers. Another culprit could be negative workplace behaviors … Read More »

A Real Character

A Texas distributor uses his artistic talent to create cartoon characters and logo illustrations for clients. Michael Hawkins, president of Irving, Texas-based distributor PromoDoctors (UPIC: pd1014), has a knack for transforming ideas into colorful characters and mascots. He got his … Read More »

Hispanic Marketing Primer

When results of the 2000 U.S. Census came out 10 years ago, the headline-making news was that the U.S. Hispanic population was flourishing, and had grown by more than 55 percent over the previous tally. This time around, when U.S. … Read More »

If You Dream It, You Can Print It

What if you could collaborate with a client on a new product, sketch a design, input the design into your computer and print out the actual product the same day, all from your desk? It may sound more like a … Read More »

Tips On Creating Your Own Terms Of Sale Letter

All business relationships begin with one party fulfilling a need of another. They create a contract or “meeting of the minds” to accomplish this. Making sure all parties understand what is expected of each other is especially important when dealing … Read More »

Putting Pens To Work: A Collection Of Case Studies

Something For Students Challenge: Austin University holds a campus visit program every year that attracts thousands of prospective college students. Its goal is to motivate as many students as possible to apply for early admission. Solution: At the end of … Read More »

Fascinating Lady

If you’ve ever had the good fortune in life to know a great storyteller—the kind so skilled at crafting yarns that you don’t even know it’s a story until they’ve reached the end and you spend the next few days … Read More »

The New Facebook Frontier

Forget merely friending the companies you like, now you can put supplier catalogs right on your Facebook fan page. These days, it seems there are two distinct groups: Those who use Facebook and those who want to but have no … Read More »

The Future Of Snacking

Edible products gained as a category while others in the industry struggled last year. Now that food and candy suppliers have your attention, here’s how they plan to keep it. Do you ever indulge in a piece of chocolate during … Read More »

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