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Custom Flag Company, Inc.

My father and I purchased Custom Flag in 1998. My father was already a sales rep in the flag industry, and he heard through word-of-mouth that it had come up for sale. Read More »

Mad Hatter Promotions, Ltd.

Mad Hatter Promotions, Ltd.

One day, a guy I knew asked me to help him sell t-shirts. I gave him $3,000. A year later, when the business didn’t work out, I took it over with a friend of mine. We operated it together for 18 years, and for the past 5 years I’ve run it alone. Read More »

Azure Marketing Communications

Azure Marketing Communications

President of Azure Marketing Communications, Eric Diller, recalls his first foray into logoed products and the industry he now calls home. Read More »

Polar Bear Marketing

Polar Bear Marketing David Peterson, President PPAI# 283179 UPIC: milespbm At The PPAI Expo, PPAI announced that its membership had hit a record high at the end of 2011, passing the 10,000-member mark. The Association’s 10,000th member was identified as … Read More »

The Well-Placed Logo, Inc.

The Well-Placed Logo, Inc. Rebecca Carswell, President Hendersonville, North Carolina PPAI# 358302 UPIC: wpLogo 1. How did your company get its start? My company got its start when another left the business. I “inherited” the clients of a person who … Read More »

Ryder Engraving, Inc.

Ryder Engraving, Inc. Chris Gosnell, Owner PPAI #450522 UPIC: Ryder 1. How did your company get its start? The company was started in 1972 by my wife’s father. She took it over in 1986, and we moved it to Pataskala, … Read More »

Taking It Personally Promotions

Taking It Personally Promotions Cherlye Edmondson, President PPAI # 395223 UPIC: TIPPS How did your company get its start? I was working for a larger printing company that served the promotional products industry and decided I could do it better … Read More »

New Members

New Members for the Month of September 2011 Business ServicesChange Digitizing Services PPAI #518252 UPIC: change Distributor2020 Embroidery PPAI #396635 UPIC: 2396635 24×7 Marketing, Inc. PPAI #276291 UPIC: 24X7P001 3 Alarm Graphics PPAI #448470 UPIC: 3448470 3 Point Solutions PPAI … Read More »

Awards, Trophies & Treasures

Awards, Trophies & Treasures Cheryl Frerichs, Owner PPAI #: 277576 UPIC: attpromo How did your company get its start? I started the business 11 years ago. The timing was perfect: My kids were old enough for me to work full … Read More »

New Members

New Members for the Month of August 2011 Business ServicesSourcing City PPAI #515078 UPIC: SCITY DistributorsIncentive Brands PPAI #485113 UPIC: I485113 A Branovan Company, LLC PPAI #276776 UPIC: ABRAP001 A Great Design Printing, Co. PPAI #280907 UPIC: GREAP013 A Trophy … Read More »

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