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The Case For A Strategic Plan

The Case For A Strategic Plan

Why engage in strategic planning? Many successful companies have achieved their success without a strategic plan. Others have engaged in strategic planning only to have the resulting plan encased in a binder and placed on a shelf to gather dust. (We call these plans vinyl trophies or strategic bookends.) So why bother? Read More »

Know The True Value Of Your Business

What color of car would you rather buy? Based on your personal preference, the answer to this question will affect how much you are willing to pay for a vehicle that is identical in all aspects other than color. What … Read More »

Align Actions To Increase Business Performance

Business leaders are hiding in their bunkers while economic havoc rages across the globe. Rollercoaster stock markets, financial debacles, political gridlock and global tensions have created a shock and awe factor, leaving many corporate leaders immobile while they wait it … Read More »

The Four Phases Of A Distributorship

Starting a promotional products distributorship is a huge rush—the creative products, the endless number of customer opportunities, the substantial earnings opportunity and the fun of building a rewarding business. In my more than 10 years as an entrepreneur, I’ve had … Read More »

Code Conscious

Your customers want safe, reliable promotional products that are free from harmful chemicals and toxic material. They want products produced in non-polluting environments, ones that meet social and environmental standards and ones that meet the most stringent compliance standards. This … Read More »

Build A Great Workplace

One of this month’s feature stories focuses on 10 of the greatest companies for which to work —as recommended by their employees. Just like these featured companies, PPAI strives to be a much-loved employer. To see how it stacks up, … Read More »

To Empower Is To Retain

Sales turnover is a fact of life for distributors. Sales reps come and go, and they take many of their clients with them. The costs of losing clients, re-building the associated goodwill and constantly training new reps are an ongoing … Read More »

Developing Business Across Borders

In the U.S., our business values and cultural foundation influence trade negotiations, communication and operations. However, cultural diversity is becoming a major factor in doing business in a growing global economy. To succeed, you have to know the secret to … Read More »

Next Steps To Growth

Tackle these four key areas for long-term business improvement. For decades promotional products distributors have done business more or less the same way, with occasional adjustments to fix one-off problems or to adapt to a new industry development. This “business … Read More »

Healthcare Reform: Surviving The Change

While the New Year will bring fresh client budgets to be spent and new products to be sold, it also brings changes for businesses of all sizes thanks to the new Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). The PPACA … Read More »

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