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PPAI’s Packard-Milam And McKinney Join TRASA Board’s Planning Retreat

PPAI’s director of member engagement and regional relations, Michele Packard-Milam, CAE, and PPAI’s senior manager of regional relations, Laura McKinney, CAE, recently traveled to Mars, Pennsylvania, to participate in a strategic planning retreat for the Three Rivers Advertising Specialty Association … Read More »

Seen And Heard

Capturio lets you turn t-shirts into business cards by snapping a picture of your favorite t-shirt (i.e., the one you wear to networking events or tradeshows) and e-mailing it to them along with your contact info. When someone you meet … Read More »

A Campaign With Juice

A pickle-flavored lip balm promotion is so spot-on that the end buyer adds the product to its line. In a world of one-off product campaigns and here-today-gone-tomorrow promotions, it’s a nice surprise when a product promotion becomes a regular order … Read More »

Good Reads

The Book The One Minute Negotiator, by Don Hutson and George Lucas Recommended By Penn Hoyt, PPAI Expo advertising sales The Message The authors present an easy-to-understand, four-point method of negotiating that even seasoned sales reps can use to overcome … Read More »

Color Code

QR codes are great for bridging online and offline worlds, but did you really think those black-and-white squiggly squares were going to last? Someone is always in the wings working on a flashier trade-up to a dominating technology. This time, … Read More »


Research suggests the future success of viral videos can be deduced using an algorithm. An Australian researcher has posited a theory that suggests the success or failure of viral web videos can be determined by an algorithm that has roots … Read More »

The MAPPA Fall Showcase Connects Suppliers, Distributors And End Buyers

The Mid-Atlantic Promotional Products Association’s (MAPPA) held its 2011 MAPPA Fall Showcase in Chesapeake, Virginia, on September 27 and in Richmond, Virginia, on September 28. The tradeshow brought more than 200 distributor members and about 350 end users together with … Read More »

Crystal D Employees Pack Meals In Support Of Nonprofit Feed My Starving Children

Crystal D (UPIC: CRYSTALD), a supplier based in St. Paul, Minnesota, and its employees packed 22,464 meals for undernourished children around the world on September 14. The company has an annual event in which it closes for a half day … Read More »

Gotcha Mobile Solutions CEO Chris Jenkin Visits PPAI Headquarters

PPAI hosted Chris Jenkin, CEO of Gotcha Mobile Solutions (UPIC: G519277), at the Association’s Headquarters on October 26. He was there to speak on mobile trends affecting the promotional products industry, including QR codes, mobile messaging, mobile smart sites and … Read More »

PPAI’s Melissa Hendrick Visits With Minnesota-Based Member Companies

Melissa Hendrick, PPAI’s director of professional development and integrated media, has recently paid visits to a number of member companies around the country. These fact-to-face meetings have been valuable opportunities to learn more about PPAI’s members, the challenges they face … Read More »

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