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Five Minutes With Stacy DeBroff, Founder & CEO, Influence Central

Five Minutes With Stacy DeBroff,  Founder & CEO, Influence Central

Stacy DeBroff is fluent in “Mom” speak. The former attorney has written three best-selling books on parenting and is a former brand spokesperson-turned-marketing consultant helping national brands reach the most-coveted influencer groups around—moms, Millennials and empty nesters, to name a … Read More »

BIZWORDS: Flutie Effect

BIZWORDS: Flutie Effect

noun: A college or university’s ability to transfer a successful athletic program into increased admissions Read More »

LEGOS Are Amazing

Apple may be the most profitable brand in history, but toymaker LEGO® is the most powerful. Read More »

Don’t Recycle It—Eat It

Yum brands’ fried chicken purveyor KFC is experimenting with edible packaging in a promotion timed to coincide with its introduction of Seattle’s Best Coffee to its menu. Read More »

A Quicker Route To Facebook Advertising

Struggling to keep up with all of the social media marketing on your to-do list? To simplify Facebook ads for small-business owners, Vistaprint has introduced an online tool called Social Postcards. The service lets businesses turn their print materials into ads, choose the target audience, publish and view campaign results from one dashboard. Read More »

Wearable Ice Breaker

Mikko Jarvenpaa, founder of the Tic Tac Toe Tee, believes his creation is the perfect conversation starter. Read More »

Rise And Shine At Work

Are you a morning person? Sixty-three percent of advertising and marketing executives feel most productive in the first part of the day, and 72 percent are most creative before noon. Here are five tips for making the most of your am, from jobs agency The Creative Group. Read More »

Work-Approved Facebook

Tests are progressing for Facebook’s anticipated FB@Work, a project that lets employers create company-based social networks using Facebook’s well-known platform for personal pages. Read More »

Poor Little Lamb

Chinese Lunar New Year celebrations are big events for marketers, but brands are reluctant to invest too much in 2015—the year of the sheep. Read More »

You May Not Party Like It’s 1989

Unless you have express consent from pop star Taylor Swift, phrases from her 2014 album “1989” may not be used commercially. Read More »

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