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Seen And Heard

Last year, when Frito-Lay debuted a fully compostable new bag for its SunChips line of snacks, consumers in the U.S. flooded the company with complaints about the bags’ noise levels. Apparently, a substance called polylactic acid (PLA) used in the … Read More »

Good Reads

The Book: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People by Stephen R. Covey Recommended By: Mike Pusateri, controller for Pacesetter Awards The Message: This is a book about personal effectiveness. Covey does an excellent job of taking the complexity of … Read More »

Unwrap An App

Nary a task exists for which there is not a smart phone app designed to help us do it better, faster or with more style. Each day editors and tech experts draw up new lists touting the newest, best and … Read More »

Machine Shop

When approaching a vending machine, we all expect to find the usual suspects inside—potato chips, candy bars and other light bites. Imagine, however, if you walked up to a glass-enclosed display and inside found logoed apparel and merchandise instead of … Read More »

Think Small

Holiday time often serves to remind us that good things come in small packages. Could the same be true for product promotions? In a revival of lenticular printing* technology, an Amsterdam ad agency created a postage stamp for the TNT … Read More »

Just Ask

In the race to acquire more social media followers, some companies may be overlooking the obvious. Does this describe you: You’ve built your Facebook empire with perfectly sized logos and thoughtfully worded posts, and now it’s just a matter of … Read More »

Hispanic Marketing Primer

When results of the 2000 U.S. Census came out 10 years ago, the headline-making news was that the U.S. Hispanic population was flourishing, and had grown by more than 55 percent over the previous tally. This time around, when U.S. … Read More »

Seen And Heard

It’s not always high-fashion houses that set style trends, sometimes it’s hopscotch players and their cohorts on the merry-go-round. The latest rage among the prepubescent set is a promotional product called Silly Bandz. They are molded silicon bracelets made into … Read More »

Good Reads

The Book: Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer Recommended By: Laura Overstreet, AspenLine The Message: Gitomer gives a pointed analysis of why sales happen and how to adopt his philosophy of success. Through his 12.5 Principles of Sales … Read More »

No Holds Barred

Often during a company’s peak selling season or immediately after word of a new product promotion hits the streets, customer service reps are flooded with calls. To keep things running as seamlessly as possible, some companies invest in callback services … Read More »

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