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Unwrap An App

Nary a task exists for which there is not a smart phone app designed to help us do it better, faster or with more style. Each day editors and tech experts draw up new lists touting the newest, best and … Read More »

Machine Shop

When approaching a vending machine, we all expect to find the usual suspects inside—potato chips, candy bars and other light bites. Imagine, however, if you walked up to a glass-enclosed display and inside found logoed apparel and merchandise instead of … Read More »

Think Small

Holiday time often serves to remind us that good things come in small packages. Could the same be true for product promotions? In a revival of lenticular printing* technology, an Amsterdam ad agency created a postage stamp for the TNT … Read More »

Just Ask

In the race to acquire more social media followers, some companies may be overlooking the obvious. Does this describe you: You’ve built your Facebook empire with perfectly sized logos and thoughtfully worded posts, and now it’s just a matter of … Read More »

Hispanic Marketing Primer

When results of the 2000 U.S. Census came out 10 years ago, the headline-making news was that the U.S. Hispanic population was flourishing, and had grown by more than 55 percent over the previous tally. This time around, when U.S. … Read More »

Seen And Heard

It’s not always high-fashion houses that set style trends, sometimes it’s hopscotch players and their cohorts on the merry-go-round. The latest rage among the prepubescent set is a promotional product called Silly Bandz. They are molded silicon bracelets made into … Read More »

Good Reads

The Book: Little Red Book of Selling by Jeffrey Gitomer Recommended By: Laura Overstreet, AspenLine The Message: Gitomer gives a pointed analysis of why sales happen and how to adopt his philosophy of success. Through his 12.5 Principles of Sales … Read More »

No Holds Barred

Often during a company’s peak selling season or immediately after word of a new product promotion hits the streets, customer service reps are flooded with calls. To keep things running as seamlessly as possible, some companies invest in callback services … Read More »

If You Dream It, You Can Print It

What if you could collaborate with a client on a new product, sketch a design, input the design into your computer and print out the actual product the same day, all from your desk? It may sound more like a … Read More »

Seen And Heard

To help nonprofits raise funds, California-based coffee roaster Newhall Coffee offers customizable campaigns to qualified charities. The campaigns include brandable websites, fliers, brochures, postcards and, of course, custom coffee to help get fundraising efforts underway. Newhall then refunds a portion … Read More »

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