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Manage Employee Energy To Drive Engagement

Manage Employee Energy To Drive Engagement

Do your engagement efforts at work seem to backfire? Brady Wilson believes he knows why. Wilson, who has dubbed himself the Human Energy Architect, believes the more companies focus on engagement, the more they drain employee productivity. Read More »

Who Wants To Be A Minion-aire?

Who Wants To Be A Minion-aire?

Universal Pictures digs deep to promote animated ‘Minions’ movie. The marketing leading up to the summer release of Universal Pictures’ Minions has been nothing short of a banana-colored blitz. From Minion-ized classic works of art to custom cutout cookies, Universal’s marketing team upped the ante on promotional campaigns. Read More »

You Look Scent-sational!

Whether you see it as a practical necessity or something out of science fiction, wearable scent technology is on the horizon. Read More »

The Bidding Is Easy In New Jersey

Nonprofit group Choose New Jersey, Inc., ensures Garden State-based small businesses never miss an RFP opportunity with its RFP Watch subscription service. Read More »

It’s A New Age In The Workplace

Millennials aren’t the only capable workers out there; older employees are still a wellspring of quality talent. Read More »

A Whale Of A Problem

As email “phishers” look to increase their financial rewards, CEOs and other top executives are increasingly being targeted with scams seeking access to their personal information. Read More »

Color Code

Don’t take for granted that four-color is always the best choice for illustrating product images. Read More »

Small But Safe

Consumers feel most comfortable purchasing from small businesses due to fears of online security breaches that have plagued many U.S. big-box stores. Read More »

Biz Words: Benevolent Halo Effect

A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research uses the term “benevolent halo effect” to describe the positive feelings consumers often have about a brand’s products upon learning the company is engaged in corporate social responsibility. Read More »

Five Minutes With Stacy Hudson, Owner Of Iconic Promos

Five Minutes With Stacy Hudson, Owner Of Iconic Promos

The promotions industry is a magnet for creative types. Take Stacy Hudson, owner of Waxhaw, North Carolina-based distributor Iconic Promos, powered by Proforma (UPIC: PROFORMA). He has worked in the promotional marketing industry for more than 15 years, in addition to gaining valuable experience developing marketing campaigns, copywriting, selling advertising and even performing voice-over work. But before he joined the industry, Hudson was a lead singer for hair-metal bands from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s. Most notably, he was the front man for Phantom Park, which attracted a cult following and gave Hudson the opportunity to open for major acts such as Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe, Warrant and Ozzy Osbourne. Read More »

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