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You Look Scent-sational!

Whether you see it as a practical necessity or something out of science fiction, wearable scent technology is on the horizon. Read More »

The Bidding Is Easy In New Jersey

Nonprofit group Choose New Jersey, Inc., ensures Garden State-based small businesses never miss an RFP opportunity with its RFP Watch subscription service. Read More »

It’s A New Age In The Workplace

Millennials aren’t the only capable workers out there; older employees are still a wellspring of quality talent. Read More »

A Whale Of A Problem

As email “phishers” look to increase their financial rewards, CEOs and other top executives are increasingly being targeted with scams seeking access to their personal information. Read More »

Color Code

Don’t take for granted that four-color is always the best choice for illustrating product images. Read More »

Small But Safe

Consumers feel most comfortable purchasing from small businesses due to fears of online security breaches that have plagued many U.S. big-box stores. Read More »

Biz Words: Benevolent Halo Effect

A new study in the Journal of Consumer Research uses the term “benevolent halo effect” to describe the positive feelings consumers often have about a brand’s products upon learning the company is engaged in corporate social responsibility. Read More »

Five Minutes With Stacy Hudson, Owner Of Iconic Promos

Five Minutes With Stacy Hudson, Owner Of Iconic Promos

The promotions industry is a magnet for creative types. Take Stacy Hudson, owner of Waxhaw, North Carolina-based distributor Iconic Promos, powered by Proforma (UPIC: PROFORMA). He has worked in the promotional marketing industry for more than 15 years, in addition to gaining valuable experience developing marketing campaigns, copywriting, selling advertising and even performing voice-over work. But before he joined the industry, Hudson was a lead singer for hair-metal bands from the late 1980s through the mid-1990s. Most notably, he was the front man for Phantom Park, which attracted a cult following and gave Hudson the opportunity to open for major acts such as Vince Neil from Mötley Crüe, Warrant and Ozzy Osbourne. Read More »

3D Printing At Your Fingertips

3D Printing At Your Fingertips

Brands debut in-store manufacturing services Read More »

Stick With Us

A PEMCO Insurance poll discovered 49 percent of drivers in northwestern states personalize their vehicles with group, club or sports decals. Read More »

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