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Drink Up

Drink Up

Find out how Tervis manufactures some of the world’s most celebrated drinkware. Read More »

Getting Graphic

If you ever collected pogs, those small, round, lenticular plastic discs popular in the early 1990s, you had your hands on a product from Optigraphics (UPIC: OPTI2000). This Dallas, Texas-based supplier is the originator of the sports coin—a.k.a. the pog. … Read More »

Up, Up And Away

Colorful, festive and fun, balloons bring joy to almost any event. So naturally, when PPB was invited to visit the Dallas factory of Pioneer Balloon Company (UPIC: Pioneer), we jumped at the chance. “Everyone expects to walk into a balloon … Read More »

A Journal With Style

Walk through the facility of Stuttgart, Arkansas-based Drummond Printing, Inc. (UPIC: DRUMLINE), and it feels strangely familiar. “When people come to visit us, they always ask, ‘What was this building?’” says CEO Amberlea Barnes. Twelve years ago, it was a … Read More »

Look And See

When it comes to mirrors, the Diva™ Compact Mirror is perhaps the fairest of them all. It’s offered in 29 colors, molded to order and American-made in the Garden Grove, California, facility of Evans Manufacturing, Inc. (UPIC: EVANS). What more … Read More »

Lip Service

Cedar Rapids, Iowa-based Raining Rose, Inc. (UPIC: Raini224) is sort of like a bakery. Only instead of sweet confections, it produces lip balm in an array of mouthwatering flavors. “We like to think of making lip balm like making a … Read More »

Hot Towels

Tide-soaked beach beauties drying off with branded towels in front of an ogling crowd—it’s an advertiser’s dream. The ploy is a classic because it works, and companies such as Baltimore, Maryland-based supplier Towel Specialties (UPIC: TOWELSPEC) are the ones making … Read More »

Making Headway

How Cap America gets ahead with domestically made, you-name-it-we’ve-got-it custom headwear. Sure, apple pie might take first prize in an Americana contest, but a baseball cap would no doubt be a close second. The reality, though, is that most caps … Read More »


Few companies make products with the hope that once the item ends up in the hands of a consumer he or she will choose not to open the package. At Purple G Compressed Tees this is exactly the goal. “It’s … Read More »

I’m Paper, You’re Glue

What is a decal? The question may be difficult for some. Not because decals are complex—they are arguably one of the most straightforward, effective advertising mediums out there. They are hard to define because their simple make-up, limitless use and … Read More »

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