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To Empower Is To Retain

Sales turnover is a fact of life for distributors. Sales reps come and go, and they take many of their clients with them. The costs of losing clients, re-building the associated goodwill and constantly training new reps are an ongoing … Read More »

Close Up: Amanda Clay, MAS

Though many discover the promotional products industry by chance, Amanda Clay, MAS, always knew she wanted to work for her family’s business: Hanson, Massachusetts-based Walker-Clay, Inc. (UPIC: WALKCLAY). She worked there part-time through high school and college, and after earning … Read More »

Close Up: Ted E. Dennison, MAS

There’s no doubt Ted E. Dennison, MAS, of Houston, Texas-based distributor TMJ Enterprises (UPIC: TMJ) can top most survival stories. He’s been struck by lightning four times, and he’s battling a rare form of cancer that afflicts one in every … Read More »

Developing Business Across Borders

In the U.S., our business values and cultural foundation influence trade negotiations, communication and operations. However, cultural diversity is becoming a major factor in doing business in a growing global economy. To succeed, you have to know the secret to … Read More »

Warning: Self Promotion Leads To More Sales

There’s an old joke about small-business owners having to do everything in the company—right down to being the cook and bottle washer. The fact is, it’s true. And ironically, like the cobbler’s barefoot children, you spend all your time crafting … Read More »

Mobile Apps Make Tasks A Snap

We are almost halfway through 2011 and the mobile apps keep coming. They generally make our lives easier in this fast-paced world and provide a source of entertainment in an intelligent, addictive and charming sort of way. Okay, not all … Read More »

Close Up: Gary Haley

Leadership comes naturally to Gary Haley, president and COO of New Ulm, Minnesota-based supplier Beacon Promotions, Inc. (UPIC: BEACONP). He’s held senior executive positions with some of the biggest players in the promotional products industry, including Norwood Promotional Products and … Read More »

Close Up: Carleen Gray

Many college grads skip from job to job before settling down, but not Carleen Gray. After she earned a business degree from Central Michigan University, she was hired as a customer service rep at St. Claire Shores, Michigan-based supplier Stahls’ … Read More »

Bewildered About Social Media? Start Here.

What’s the difference between a Facebook personal page, a company page and a group, and do you need all of them? Should you “friend” your customers? Can you really track a sales uptick back to your Facebook postings? From my … Read More »

Viral Marketing: Highly Contagious

The PPAI Expo 2011 began like most others, with meetings, dinners and show floor maps highlighted in yellow marker. While distributors were planning their routes through the maze of booth-lined aisles at the Mandalay Bay Convention Center, I was planning … Read More »

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