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HALO/Lee Wayne Hosts Themed Client Showcases

Terry McGuire, senior vice president of marketing and supplier relations, gets a photo with the Grinch, played by Rick Greene. The staff at Sterling, Illinois-based distributor HALO/Lee Wayne Corporation (UPIC: LEEWAYNE) wanted to mix things up with their client tradeshows, … Read More »

TRG Group Makes Fundraising Fun

The final four in the Wii™ bowling tournament (from left): Jason Morris, Chris Blasé, Mike Montandon and Andrew Spellman You won’t see employees at TRG Group (UPIC: TRG) passing around a donation envelope—they go about their fund-raising activities in a … Read More »

New Member Spotlight

Designers DesktopMiriam Davis, Owner How did your company get its start? After graduating from college with a degree in literature and art history, along with some graphic arts work with the college editor, I got a job in a graphics … Read More »

New Members

These firms were approved for PPAI membership in October 2009. DISTRIBUTOR3K Promotions PPAI# 179403 UPIC: 3kpromo Advantage Print Source PPAI# 434976 UPIC: pedro5 Advantage Printing PPAI# 436982 UPIC: curtlee1 Alpha Custom PPAI# 281244 UPIC: howes Anykine Marketing & Merchandising PPAI# … Read More »

The 2010 PPAI Hall Of Fame

Wingfield “Wing” Hughes, MAS, and Kurt Reckziegel make history as the 71st and 72nd inductees to the PPAI Hall of Fame. There’s no one way to define success—it’s different for every person. But when you work in the promotional products … Read More »

Unforgettable Exposure

New Study Shows Why Buyers Choose Promotional Products Try this experiment to educate your prospects: Give them a list of several media—including promotional products—and ask which one they think is the most effective in achieving long-term memorability at the cost … Read More »

Natural Born Leaders

PPAI’s Distinguished Service Award is presented annually to select PPAI members who consistently contribute their skills and expertise toward the betterment of the Association through either volunteer service or leadership. This year, the award goes to two men, Christopher Duffy, … Read More »

Found Money

Adding incentives to your product arsenal can help you sell deeper into current clients, reduce competition and boost your bottom line. Are you leaving money on the table when you walk out of a sales call? While you probably didn’t … Read More »

S-Corp Surprise

While the S corporation remains the most popular type of entity for operating a promotional products business, in today’s troubled times many problems—lingering unnoticed for several years—have begun to surface. These problems often result in an unexpected, whopping bill for … Read More »

Environmental Lessons For Dummies

Suppliers throughout the industry are now using what some say is the ultimate eco-material. Called Utterlie, this remarkable substance claims to be the only safe, eco-friendly material in existence that can actually repair the ozone layer. Products made with Utterlie … Read More »

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