Study Finds Effectively Managed Sales Content Can Boost The Bottom Line

The content in business-to-business sales materials can make or break a client presentation, but companies aren’t always using the right sales content. The 2015 Content Automation Trends Report, published by sales solutions provider Qvidian, looks at how organizations are leveraging sales content to shift buying patterns that impact company growth and shape how sales reps sell.

The best content takes a good deal of time to create, store and update in such a way that it is easily accessible and useful across an organization. The report found that while more than 78 percent of respondents feel sales content is very important to the effectiveness of their sales reps, close to 50 percent say their data and content in sales assets are only somewhat accurate. Furthermore, 83 percent report trouble easily accessing messaging and related content “just in time” based on the selling situation.

“Understanding your buyers and knowing where they are in their process, and aligning with them quickly in order to deliver the most relevant and personalized content assets, is key for sellers to deliver the most compelling value proposition to buyers,” says Christopher Faust, chief marketing officer at Qvidian. “Content automation is not just about right content, right time. It’s about making it that much easier and faster for sales teams to find, access, assemble and deliver a personalized buyer experience that provides greater value. Deals are not won with a piece of content. They are won because sellers aligned with their buyers and had better conversations with the most relevant assets at hand to support the process.”

The complete Content Automation Trends Report can be downloaded here.

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