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Keys To Social Media Marketing

       Social Media Marketing (SMM) is the newest buzz in the PR and marketing realm. And as with any new publicity tool, people have lots of questions on how to best utilize it.      SMM takes viral marketing to … Read More »

Focus On Activities Rather Than Outcomes

     Think setting appointments or closing sales should be your goal? Well, think again. Focusing on the outcome in goal setting is dangerous, says the not-for-profit Sales Career Training Institute in Jersey City, New Jersey.      Remember, you as the … Read More »

Teach, Tutor, Coach or Mentor–What’s It Look Like?

  Teach, Tutor, Coach or Mentor — What’s It Look Like?      Making a commitment to help others helps your business. It’s a strategy that supports sales, your professional growth and network. It works because the power of people working … Read More »

Just How Do You Mentor?

     This week we’ve been looking at the business benefits you get by coaching and tutoring. But you need more than just your expertise to be effective. You also know how to pass along your experience to others.      Today, … Read More »

Start Mentoring And Lead Others To Your Door

     Good mentoring lets you help others. But it also creates sales opportunities and builds client loyalty because you can use the opportunity to demonstrate your expertise.      While being non-salesy and being non-confrontational, you can use mentoring to demonstrate … Read More »

Mentoring Magic

     You probably didn’t start your career knowing everything you know today; few of us do. Along the way, colleagues, vendors, clients, industry leaders and others probably spent time sharing their wisdom with you — to make you a better … Read More »

Surviving Tough Times: Invest In Your Employees

Surviving Tough Times: Invest In Your Employees      When times are tough it is important to keep employees involved and motivated. Employees must be invested in the company for it to be in a position to be innovative, grow and … Read More »

Surviving Tough Times: Start From The Inside

     The human tendency is to do less, spend less, worry more and have more fear.However, in tough economic times such as this, it’s more important than ever for companies to relearn and grow, to be innovative and not procrastinate.     … Read More »

How To Stand Out From The Crowd

     Everyone has heard the old expression “If you do that, you’ll stand out like a sore thumb!” Your goal in sales is to be the sore thumb! Especially when you are leaving voice mail and e-mail messages for your … Read More »

Lessons Learned From The Golden Arches

     While you may not have recognized it, the last time you ordered from a fast food restaurant or went to the post office, there is a good chance you experienced some form of cross-selling or up selling. Cross-selling and … Read More »

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