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How To Lose A Prospect’s Attention In Five Seconds Or Less – April 24, 2014

When you make contact with new prospects—either by telephone or in a face-to-face meeting—you have an extremely short window of time to connect with them. If you fail to achieve this, they will quickly tune you out and you lose the opportunity to increase your sales. Promotional Consultant Today shares key strategies for keeping your prospect’s attention. Read More »

Presentation Skills Challenges, Part 2 – April 23, 2014

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared five key steps to gaining confidence in presentation skills. Today, we wrap up this series with five more. Read More »

Presentation Skills Challenges – April 22, 2014

The biggest challenge for a newer sales team might be how they actually feel when they give their presentations. Many first-time speakers want to feel confident, want to engage their audience and want to feel good about actually giving a presentation. But how is this achieved? Read More »

Five Strategies For Improving Employee Engagement – April 21, 2014

The lack of employee engagement not only hurts the morale of the organization, it affects the bottom line. Promotional Consultant Today shares strategies for improving employee engagement. Read More »

Crisis: Are You Prepared? – April 18, 2014

Success in a crisis hinges on leadership and decision-making, but those decisions are best when informed by trusted advisors and implemented by capable people. Does your business have a crisis management team? Promotional Consultant Today ends the week with this story about White Star Textile Services. Read More »

Work Or Play? – April 17, 2014

Today, the line between personal and professional time is blurred. This issue of Promotional Consultant Today reminds us that whether spending a day on the golf course with a client or speaking to a friend in a board meeting, we should always follow these essential rules of business. Read More »

Work Moods – April 16, 2014

Research shows that we rely on connections with other people to determine our moods. It’s called an open loop limbic system and it enables a mother, for example, to soothe her crying infant. Promotional Consultant Today shares this important role of the open loop limbic system as explained by author, psychologist, and science journalist, Daniel Goleman. Read More »

Four Plan-Ahead Tax Strategies – April 15, 2014

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared four tax tips and reminders. Today we share four tax strategies to help you plan ahead for next year Read More »

Tax Reminders For Small Business – April 14, 2014

Today Promotional Consultant Today passes along five tax tips and reminders. Read More »

Lasting Impressions – April 11, 2014

Yesterday, Promotional Consultant Today shared two important factors for utilizing employees to showcase your business: praises on social media and the use of the traditional business card. Today, we share two more tips. Read More »

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