Four Goals Guiding Your Association’s Progress - February 13, 2017

Each weekday, Promotional Consultant Today delivers ideas and tips designed to help you succeed. Your success, in fact, is one of PPAI's guiding principles, as is clearly stated in its mission statement: PPAI is the trusted leader delivering essential knowledge, resources, and community to ensure the success of our members and the industry.

To that end, every three years PPAI's Board of Directors develops a new strategic plan designed to keep the Association moving forward and looking ahead—with members' success as the primary focal point.

For this week only, we dedicate the content of Promotional Consultant Today to the communication of that new strategic plan. Understanding the mission and goals of the Association, and how they tie to your long-term success, makes you a more informed member—and a more informed member is a stronger member.

The 2017-2020 PPAI Strategic Plan has four goals:

  1. Drive Meaningful Member Value and Engagement
  2. Advocate for the Industry
  3. Develop and Leverage Strategic Foresight
  4. Manage an Efficient and Progressive Organization.

Goal No. 1 is the "love" goal, as Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO, explains, "We want our members to love us, trust us and engage with us. And this goal is about providing them with the value that will hopefully drive them to do exactly that."

Goal No. 2 speaks to how the Association evangelizes the power of promotional products and the profession. PPAI has long had advocacy as a goal, but with this strategic plan, it gets even greater attention.

Goal No. 3 is about looking ahead and planning for the future—looking far enough ahead that the Association can help members prepare for what is coming down the pike.

And finally, goal No. 4 speaks to the retooling of PPAI as necessary, in a way that will allow the Association to deliver second-to-none member experiences, interaction and engagement.

Watch your inbox tomorrow for PCT as we take a deeper dive into goal No. 1.

Source: Keith Vincent is director of marketing for Promotional Products Association International.

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