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Mind The Talent Gap

Have you ever ridden a London subway? As the train pulls into the station, the conductor announces, “Mind the gap. Mind the gap.” In other words, avoid that black gap between the train and the platform. It’s a long, black … Read More »

Compliance Control

As an industry, we must take control over the products distributed to the public. End users’ safety is top-priority, and our very existence as a viable marketing tool depends on our industry’s ability to deliver safe products. Think about it. … Read More »

Real Communication Is Answer To Better Workplace

Real Communication Is Answer To Better Workplace        When employees begin to feel overworked and underappreciated, they tend to fall into common negative habit pattern, and then you’re on the road to low morale and low company productivity. And, in the … Read More »

PPB Newslink 3.16.10

Having trouble reading this email? View it on your browser. Not interested anymore? Unsubscribe Instantly.    March 16, 2010 Send News to the Editor: Teresa McUsic   THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES           Farmer Sells Interest In Magna-Tel … Read More »

Marketing Employment Levels Steady; Gender Wage Gap Narrows Slightly

Two studies released last week show positive trends for the marketing and advertising industry and for women. The employment outlook for marketing and advertising professionals is expected to be stable in the coming quarter, according to The Creative Group Hiring … Read More »

Boost Morale And Your Bottom Line

     In these hectic, overworked, understaffed times, it’s easier than ever for managers (who are as overworked than their subordinates) to come across something like the Quintus Arrius line to Roman slaves in the movie, Ben Hur, ” … we … Read More »

Corvest Finds Investor In Siglo Holdings

As first reported in a PPB Newslink Breaking News Alert, Largo, Florida, supplier Corvest was acquired Friday by investors of Siglo Holdings, according to Bernard Findley, chief executive officer of Corvest Acquisition Inc. Corvest is a multimillion-dollar promotional products supplier … Read More »

LEAD Participants Schedule Meetings With Legislative Offices

The schedule for PPAI’s first legislative action day will include visits to nearly 30 offices of Senate and House members from more than 20 states. LEAD, the Legislative Education and Action Day, will be held March 23-24 in Washington, D.C. … Read More »

PPB Newslink 3.2.10

Having trouble reading this email? View it on your browser. Not interested anymore? Unsubscribe Instantly.   March 2, 2010 Send News to the Editor: Teresa McUsic    THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES           Independent Contractors ‘Safe Harbor’ Continues Washington … Read More »

A+ Apparel From The PPAI Expo 2010

For those seeking the newest apparel, The Expo delivered a mass of styles to fit every budget and theme. Are you ready to revitalize your apparel programs with some of the freshest styles to hit the market? Welcome to this … Read More »

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