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Five Suppliers Apply for QCA Accreditation

Five suppliers have applied to participate in the accreditation program developed by the Quality Certification Alliance, the promotional product industry’s independent, nonprofit organization based in Chicago, Illinois, dedicated to helping companies provide safe products. The five QCA applicants are:• New … Read More »

Magnus Pen Corporation Invests in Trevelyan Limited

Scarborough, Ontario, supplier Magnus Pen Corporation (UPIC: magnus) has made an investment in Weston, Ontario-supplier Trevelyan Limited (UPIC: TREV0001). Magnus Pen will assist in an aggressive growth and acquisition strategy. The investment amount was not disclosed. Trevelyan Limited has purchased … Read More »

SnugZ USA Starts Manufacturing Personal Care Products

Salt Lake City, Utah, supplier SnugZ USA (UPIC: SNUGZUSA) has opened a 10,500-square-foot manufacturing facility for its Z Collection of personal care products. The FDA-approved product line includes certified organic lip balm and hand sanitizer made with thymol from the … Read More »

Marketing Employment Levels Steady; Gender Wage Gap Narrows Slightly

Two studies released last week show positive trends for the marketing and advertising industry and for women. The employment outlook for marketing and advertising professionals is expected to be stable in the coming quarter, according to The Creative Group Hiring … Read More »

Farmer Sells Interest In Magna-Tel

After almost 26 years as the face of supplier Magna-Tel, Inc. (UPIC: MAGNATEL), Mary Ann Farmer, MAS, sold her interest in the company to the majority shareholder, Ken Hastings, on March 8 and left the company. “I’m looking forward to … Read More »

Boost Morale And Your Bottom Line

     In these hectic, overworked, understaffed times, it’s easier than ever for managers (who are as overworked than their subordinates) to come across something like the Quintus Arrius line to Roman slaves in the movie, Ben Hur, ” … we … Read More »

Remember The “Customer” In Customer Service

      As a professional in any field, professional courtesy should be a given. Unfortunately, it’s not.      Customer service reps routinely focus on why they can’t solve a problem rather than how they can. Salespeople often receive orders without sending … Read More »

Never Enough Time

     Time is money. This adage is very apt in the life of a professional salesperson.      There are many tasks required of a professional, but there are only 24 hours in a day to accomplish them. An effective use … Read More »

Catch Someone Doing The Right Thing

     Employees now have a greater role in developing strong customer relationships that inspire loyalty and performance. Therefore, employees need to have the best skills, use sound judgment and feel competent in their job. To do this, they must always … Read More »

Government Uses Promotional Products For Census

The 10-question U.S. Census form will arrive next week in the nation’s mailboxes, but for those it doesn’t reach, Uncle Sam is using advertising and promotional products to increase participation. “They’ve been a great lure to get people to come … Read More »

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