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PPAI News: Webinar Addresses Independent Contractor Issues

Both Washington lawmakers and the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) have taken a renewed interest in the classification of individuals as employees or independent contractors. To learn more about existing rules, regulations and best practices—as well as ways to make your … Read More »

PPAI LAW: Members Urged To Take Action On Colorado, New York Proposals

While the national debate on healthcare may be stalled for the moment, states are starting to take over where the federal government has stopped. Last week, Colorado introduced a bill that is virtually identical to the proposed Physician Payments Sunshine … Read More »

Blogs: Fresh Content Is The New King

     You might have heard the saying “Content is King.” This idea is now updated, because fresh content is the new king.      According to Technorati’s State of the Blogosphere series, more than 900,000 blogs are posted every 24 hours. … Read More »

Your Sales Secret: A Dazzling (and Workable) Website

     If you do business online, your website is your storefront. You would clean up any trash or clutter in a brick-and-mortar store, so shouldn’t you do your best to ensure your web store is clean, dazzling and easy to … Read More »

Prepare For The Unexpected

     It isn’t something we’d like to think about, but what if you lost everything in a natural disaster and had no proof of your assets, no access to your insurance paperwork, and no money for immediate needs.      Realize … Read More »

Disaster-Proof Your Personal, Business Information

Disaster-Proof Your Personal, Business Information       Hurricanes, floods, fires, terrorist attacks — the list of possible disasters is endless. Should something catastrophic and unforeseen happen to your home, are your financial records and personal information safe? For most people, the … Read More »

PPB Newslink 2.2.10

February 2, 2010 Editor: Teresa McUsic THIS WEEK’S HEADLINES Budgets For Incentives Increase In 2010Pacific Coast Golf Partners With The Hunt GroupPPAI Offering A Free Product Safety WebinarTarget Facebook Campaign Supports Kids In Need   INDUSTRY NEWS Haiti Clothing Supplier … Read More »

The Making Of Oscar

How R.S. Owens produces Hollywood’s most coveted award. What is gold, only 13-and-a-half inches tall and used to recognize the highest achievements in acting and filmmaking? It’s the Oscar of course, and each year dozens of the trophies originate in … Read More »

Personalized M&M’S®: A Sweet Idea On An Old Favorite

What melts in your mouth and not in your hand? The answer is M&M’S® of course, one of the best known confectionary treats produced by Mars Chocolate North America since 1941 and sold in more than 100 countries. Like many … Read More »

No More Safe Harbor?

Spotlight turns on independent contractor legislation. For many years, PPAI has had a voice in Washington, D.C., to promote and protect the interests of the promotional products industry and small-business interests in general. Of late, that voice was needed more … Read More »

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