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An Unfaithful Client

An Unfaithful Client

A Distributor Asks: We have a client who has “relationships” with four different suppliers who have granted them “distributor” status. This means they have cut us out of the loop and are selling directly to our client. We can’t approach the supplier for fear they’ll call the client. (This already happened inadvertently when we asked about pricing—the sales rep actually called our client to complain.) Can you suggest ways to handle this? Read More »

Change Your Mind

A Distributor Asks: My client called me with a product request for a campaign she’s planning. She and her team were really enthusiastic about the idea, but I thought it was all wrong for their marketing objectives. I said I could get her what she wanted, but I also spontaneously threw out some other suggestions over the phone. She accused me of trying to upsell her and said she wanted to stick to the original idea. What is the best way to offer alternative product ideas when clients have their mind set on something? Read More »

Celebrating The Best Of The Industry

Celebrating The Best Of The Industry

During the second annual Promotional Products Work! Week, sponsored by PPAI and held April 21-25, industry companies celebrated the crucial role promotional products and skilled promotional sales professionals play in all aspects of advertising, marketing and business. Suppliers and distributors produced efforts that, when combined, demonstrated the power, value and effectiveness of promotional products in their communities. Read More »

Help For The Time-Starved

A Distributor Asks: Lately some of my clients have come to demand so much of my time that I can’t serve them the way they would like and build my business through new client acquisitions at the same time. Do you have any time management tips for small distributors like me? Read More »

Industry Companies Celebrate Promotional Products Work! Week

Industry Companies Celebrate Promotional Products Work! Week

Last week marked the second annual Promotional Products Work! Week (PPW!W), during which companies and organizations from around the industry demonstrated the effectiveness of promotional products. Read More »

Time Is Money

Time Is Money

One day I picked up a call. “Hello, Scott & Associates, Joe speaking. Hey Tom, okay, okay, I’ve got it! We’ll take an imprinted bowl, top it with a CD that looks like cereal and milk, stick a laser-engraved spoon through the hole and send it to journalists instead of your media kit. I’m glad that you liked the idea. I’ll get you pricing.” Read More »

Copyright Free?

A Supplier Asks: Is it necessary to protect myself from copyright infringement lawsuits when I’m decorating products? And how should I do it? Read More »

To Show Or Not To Show

A Multi-line Rep Asks: I have been asked to do an end-user event by a distributor that has sold a total of $7,000 for the year from the 10 lines I represent. My commission is five percent, which totals $350 for the year. I have great lines and great brands. Should I do the show based on the ROI? Read More »


A Distributor Asks:An industry supplier is offering an online fulfillment program using gift cards. It lets end buyers select cards in varying amounts and then give them to clients. Recipients of the cards go online and choose a gift equal … Read More »

Spreading The News

A Supplier Asks:A competitor of mine got into trouble with the law on a business deal. Through the years I’ve known this company to be underhanded, and finally it got caught. I feel compelled to ‘drop’ this bit of gossip … Read More »

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