Hasseman Marketing & Communications Acquires Paparazzi Promotional Marketing


Distributor Hasseman Marketing & Communications (PPAI 314957), headquartered in Coshocton, Ohio, has acquired Paparazzi Promotional Marketing (PPAI 513022). Paparazzi Promotional Marketing, based in Irvine, California, was founded by Marty Hagerty in 2011.

Hasseman Marketing CEO Kirby Hasseman says, “Marty has a great creative mind and has built a
business with a great reputation. We are excited about partnering with him to make both teams
even stronger.”

Hagerty adds, “Hasseman Marketing is a thought leader in the industry and a leader in content
marketing as well. I am so excited to partner with them to increase our footprint and serve an even
larger client base.”

The Hasseman Marketing team in Coshocton will manage the logistical operations of the business, while Hagerty will focus on growing clients’ businesses.

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