Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, Takes Gavel As PPAI Chair

Tom Goos, MAS, PPAI's 2016 board chair, passed the gavel to Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, at The PPAI Expo 2017. Tomasini will lead the Association's board through Expo 2018.

Tom Goos, MAS, PPAI’s 2016 board chair, passed the gavel to Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, at The PPAI Expo 2017. Tomasini will lead the Association’s board through Expo 2018.

At The PPAI Expo 2017, Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, took up the gavel as chair of the PPAI Board of Directors for 2017-2018. Tomasini is CEO of distributor CE Competitive Edge, LLC (PPAI 103776) in Stevensville, Michigan, and a 30-plus-year veteran of the promotional products industry.

“I am humbled by the privilege to serve as 2017 chair of the board for PPAI,” says Tomasini. “I truly believe in the power of this organization and in its dedication to members and am delighted to chair and represent the great talent and expertise that is embodied within the membership. In the coming year, I look forward to helping to raise the awareness of the organization within the advertising profession and to bringing to the forefront the tremendous value that promotional products professionals and the medium truly represent.”

In a recent address, Tomasini remarked on her vision for the year and advancing the future of the Association and promotional products industry: “This year marks the official launch of PPAI’s new strategic plan, which, among other things, will help the Association transform the organization’s mission from transactional to relational. Put simply, this means we are working to enhance a deeper relationship and more engagement with members. PPAI is aligning its new strategic plan with a branding campaign to build awareness of our medium. Get In Touch! Advertising That Lives On is a first-of-its-kind industry branding campaign focused on customer engagement.”

Paul Bellantone, CAE, president and CEO of PPAI, adds, “PPAI is extremely fortunate to have such an experienced and accomplished person as Mary Jo Tomasini as its new board chair. Mary Jo’s passion for advancing PPAI’s future is unsurpassed, and I look forward to working with her this year and for years to come.”

Tomasini also contributed to the February issue of PPB magazine, penning her first column as board chair.

2 Responses to Mary Jo Tomasini, MAS, Takes Gavel As PPAI Chair

  1. Margaret Custer Ford, M.A.S. MARCO -Ideas Unlimited says:

    Congratulations, Mary Jo Tomassini! You have accepted the reins of a very important position, and are to be congratulated, and deeply thanked, for the necessary involvement in terms of expertise, and time.. time away from your own business, and time dedicated to achieving your goals for PPAI!


    Margaret Custer Ford, M.A.S.

  2. My sincere appreciation and congratulations to you Mary Jo for accepting this position and giving of your time and talents to our organization. I know you will bring all your knowledge and passion to the position and will move our industry forward.

    I feel privileged to have you in my circle and wish you the very best in this coming year.

    Warm regards,

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