Fast Forward – January 2017



Make It Snappy

Pop-up eyewear vending machines inspire trendsetter FOMO


Like a Bigfoot sighting or a triple rainbow, Snap’s big yellow vending machines only exist for those who have seen them. The Snapbot machines have been dropped in just a handful of places, on no particular schedule, to dole out picture-taking sunglasses, called Specs, manufactured by the company formerly known as Snapchat—now just known as Snap. The first sighting was in the company’s hometown of Venice, California.

Oversized and funky-looking, the sunglasses are outfitted with cameras that let viewers take circular video in a 115-degree field of view, then upload to Snap for instant sharability. But don’t blink, because the video only records 10-second spots at a time.

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  1. Linda EfY Awards LLC says:

    Great idea, would love contact information!! Please advise

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