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Eight Who Create Unforgettable Customer Service

If you ask customers about your company’s quality of service it always comes back to the people. Chances are there will be some comments about procedures, systems and policies but ultimately it’s the people who really make your customer service operation shine.

Those who excel in customer service share a number of winning attributes: They respond quickly to customers’ requests and needs, they take responsibility for seeing projects through to completion—even if it involves tasks that are not in their job description—and they are empowered with the authority to do whatever it takes to ultimately make their customers happy. And one more important thing: they care.

Companies who outclass others in customer service usually do so because their people truly care about the experience their customers, both internal and external, receive, and they care enough to make sure that experience is exceptional.

PPB set out to find some of the best examples of extraordinary service in the promotional products industry for our annual feature on Service Superheroes. Read on to see this year’s lineup and learn more about how they deliver a remarkable experience.

The Rapport Builder
carrie_conde3064_webCarrie Conde
Sales Executive
Salt Lake City, Utah
Tenure at SnugZ USA: 11 years, including positions in order entry and sales support
Nominated by: K.C. Fields, owner, K.C. Fields and Associates

Why She’s A Superhero:
For the past 20 years, multi-line rep K.C. Fields has represented supplier SnugZ USA, and for the past 10 years Conde has been his inside sales contact. During Fields’ long career, he says he’s worked with many good inside sales and customer service people but Conde provides the highest level of service to distributors. “Carrie has the ability to educate our distributors on our products and services in an incredibly short period of time,” he says. “She works many national and regional trade shows and when she is finished working with a customer you can just tell that they are well prepared to present and sell SnugZ USA products and services. Carrie has a wonderful work attitude and personality, and customers absolutely love her work ethic. I could go on and on about Carrie, but the bottom line is, she is the best.”

How Carrie Saved The Day:
Conde’s office is located at SnugZ USA in Salt Lake City, Utah, which is on Mountain Time, but she services a territory on Eastern Time, two hours ahead. Even so, Fields says Conde has come into the office many times at 6 am MT to help customers who need assistance on important issues. Plus, he’s called her outside of office hours on urgent issues that could not wait until the next business day. “Carrie has taken her personal time to run down tracking numbers, quote large-quantity orders and contact our customers who have questions about products and delivery. All of this is on her personal time, which makes Carrie no extra money. However, [because of her actions] we have earned our customers’ trust, received large orders because of our ability to get an immediate quote, and have grown our sales in the territory.”

One On One With Carrie Conde

Best Part Of The Job:

“I really enjoy working with my customers and outside sales reps.”

Her Biggest Challenges:

“Having too many hands on an order or too many suggestions from others can be a challenge. I would love to walk an order from the beginning to the end.”

Most Valuable Customer Service Lesson Learned:

“Always listen to the customer. If something went wrong with their customer’s order, they might be upset and it may sound like they are taking it out on you, but really they are also getting it from their customer. After listening to them, you can come up with your best solution to the problem and usually the customer is satisfied. Most of the time they just need to vent.”

No. 1 Tip For Great Customer Service:

“Always talk to the customer with a smile on your face and listen. Always treat the customer the way you want to be treated.”

The Superhero Power I Wish I Had:

“I would love to be a mind reader. This way I can see exactly what the customer is picturing, and I can get them the correct ideas and information.”

Best Personal Customer Service Experience:

“Whenever I contact Amazon they treat me like I am their No. 1 priority. With them treating me this way I make sure that I use them as much as possible. I hope that when I talk to customers I bring them the same experience that I have with Amazon.”

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