PPAI Staff Volunteer At The Irving Cares Food Pantry


PPAI staff filled orders, off-loaded palettes and stocked shelves during their volunteer service at Irving Cares.

Seeking to give back to their community, this week PPAI employees volunteered on-site at Irving Cares, donating more than 60 hours of work to the charity which provides groceries and a number of services to the local community. To support their volunteer work, the Association generously offered each participating employee four hours of company time to donate to Irving Cares’ needs. PPAI’s headquarters has been located in Irving, Texas, since 1979.


PPAI staff donated more than 60 hours of service this week as part of the Association’s effort to give back to its community.

Volunteering on April 25-27, 21 PPAI employees, representing almost every department of the Association, spent an afternoon unloading and shelving food, preparing donations for delivery and completing other tasks to support Irving Cares.


Participating employees included:

AJ Hunter
Alicia Haswell
Dara Cormany
David Stinson
Demetria Robinson
Dennis Cormany
Diane Shearer
Doris Sweely
Doug Andreasen
Gretchen Demke
Jason Prickett
Jodi Seay
Jody Mello
Julie Richie
Mo Das
Paul Elfstrom
Sarah Dodd
Tina Filipski
Veronica Kelley
Vicki Sypien
William Poole

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