Distributors Partner In Philanthropic Buying Group


Distributors MadeToOrder, Inc.; Brand Fuel, Inc.; The Icebox; Zagwear; Image Source; C&S Sales and Robyn Promotions have announced the formulation of a new buying group, Reciprocity Road. Founded with a philanthropic focus, the group’s seven distributors, with collective gross sales of $100 million, intend to build better businesses together while making their communities stronger.

The initial group of founding members reviewed other buying groups and affiliations and, due to regional conflicts or member populations outside their profile, decided to create their own. The team shares a common vision, transparency and cooperation with each other and all their constituents, vendors and employees.

Rod Brown, CFO at MadeToOrder, Inc., says, “We are sending a clear message to all of our supplier partners, our communities and our teams that this is going to be a journey that benefits everyone involved. By definition, our mutual dependence on each other becomes our catalyst. By naming the group Reciprocity Road, it’s a reminder even to ourselves, that we exist to benefit each other.

“Too often, buying groups lapse into a rebate-only or EQP-for-all entity. Reciprocity Road is focused on maximizing financial incentives while lowering frictional cost, but we are on a mission to pave the way for better relationships with our partners; stronger two-way traffic. We want a different kind of journey, a highway that returns greater profits, faster, that is worth taking together, along a road that leads somewhere inspirational.”

Each year, the Reciprocity Road distributors will select a charity or charities as their mission to make an impactful change. A percentage of the rebate dollars collected will be returned to the chosen charity. The 2016 charities of choice are Promotional Products Education Foundation and Children’s Miracle Network.

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