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Tips From A Trade Show Pro

Steve Weinstein, president of Indianapolis, Indiana-based supplier EMT (UPIC: EMTEASY), discussed in a recent blog post his key steps for trade-show marketing success, which distributors can pass along to their clients.

Industry tracker Ad Age found that business-to-business marketers spend, on average, 20 percent of their total marketing budgets on trade-show and event marketing. “Budgeting is a key first step in trade-show planning,” notes Weinstein. “If you don’t know what you expect to spend, you can’t know if the show was successful.”

Why should distributor clients invest in trade-show promotions? For one, a Bredin survey of more than 500 principals of small- and medium-sized businesses found that trade shows are among the top three sources of information about new products for this segment.

Weinstein recommends exhibiting clients determine who their target audiences will be ahead of a show. “My goal is to determine what type of customers my customer calls on, and what applications he or she has for what I’m selling. A No. 1 lead is one who has clients that use my product and has an active project for which I can make a proposal.”

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