The Industry Celebrates Promotional Products Work! Week


Members of the Specialty Advertising Association of California attend an open house hosted by Oxnard, California, supplier Golden Express during Promotional Products Work! Week.

The third annual Promotional Products Work! Week (PPW!W), which began Monday and wraps up on Friday, is bringing out industry professionals and companies across the country to demonstrate the power of promotional products. PPW!W, PPAI’s five-day international event aimed at raising awareness of promotional products’ role in advertising and marketing delivers the message that promotional products work to advertisers, marketers and media buyers.

As part of PPW!W, regional associations have stepped up to partner with local companies on factory tours and education sessions. Examples include the Specialty Advertising Association of California (SAAC) partnership with a number of companies, including Golden Express, Printgear, Presentation Folder and SanMar, to create opportunities for their members to network and learn; and the joint sponsorship between Specialty Advertising Association of Greater New York (SAAGNY) and the New England Promotional Products Association (NEPPA) for a tour and new products review of Prime Resources Corporation’s facility in Connecticut.

The industry’s businesses are also getting involved, with suppliers like Advance Corporation, Webb Company and RiteLine holding open houses and factory tours, and HALO Branded Solutions and other distributors celebrating and demonstrating the industry’s success with events this week.

This year, as part of its outreach to the adverting community, PPW!W is focusing on the media buyer. In support of that goal, PPAI has launched the Product Persona co-op campaign. The business-to-business campaign has targeted media buyers at ad agencies and executives at corporate advertisers with promotional kits highlighting the medium’s effectiveness and the importance of working with industry professionals to ensure compliant, impactful campaigns. The campaign also raises awareness and drives traffic to PPAI’s buyer-facing website, PPAI has also produced a white paper outlining promotional products’ growth rate and how it compares against other advertising media. Click here to learn more.

PPAI is hosting an open house throughout the week from 10 am to 3 pm each day. Industry professionals are invited to the Association’s headquarters in Irving, Texas, for a tour and a presentation on the power of promotional products.

If your company or regional association is participating, let PPB Newslink know the details for consideration in a future article. Learn more about Promotional Products Work! Week and how to participate here. See how other industry companies celebrate PPW!W on PPAI’s Facebook page, and follow their tweets on Twitter using the hashtag #PPWWeek.

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