New Book Teaches Sensory Appeal Of Promotional Products


Sensory-Media-BookJae M. Rang, MAS, is on a mission to inspire more demand for promotional products by focusing on their interactive nature in creating memorable brand experiences. Rang, chief inspiring officer of Oakville, Ontario-based distributor JAE Associates Ltd. (UPIC: J561178), has captured years of study on the mind and human behavior relating to promotional material in her new book, Sensory Media: Discover the way to anchor your brand and be memorable.

“Promotional products are often trivialized as media,” she says. “The reality is promotional products are a very human form of media. We’re sensory beings―we see, hear, smell, taste, touch―so ‘sensory media’ aligns so well with us. The products, as well as the messaging, represent the brand and are interactive in nature making them very impressionable. When marketers understand the significance of our media, they use it in more strategic, meaningful ways.”

Rang has been speaking about the concept of promotional products as “sensory media” for several years and, whether it’s to a group of college students or business professionals, she says her approach causes listeners to take a second, more serious look at the opportunities sensory media affords them in anchoring their brand and being memorable.

The book is a platform to educate buyers, students and new members of the industry about the promotional opportunities, she says, but it leaves the real work to the professionals—the providers of promotional products. “It’s more of a ‘why,’ delving into the reasons behind why this human media is so effective. It teaches some principles like developing promotional programs around a defined purpose, the Law of Reciprocity and building relationships, to name a few. Since the book is meant as a tool, not a textbook, I kept it simple and conversational, stated some important principles, and told some stories. I hope it contributes to enhancing our industry.”

Four industry companies are sponsoring the book: BIC Graphic, Debco Bag, Faro Industries and Chocolate Chocolate. The book launch is May 12; order it at Those who purchase the book within 24 hours are eligible to receive additional gifts with purchase worth up to $500.

Born as a direct-mail house in 1980, JAE Associates Ltd. is now a full-service promotional marketing agency helping business leaders around the globe build relationships. Rang has won a number of national Image awards for creative campaigns, is past chair of the Promotional Product Professionals of Canada (PPPC), chair of the PPPC Scholarship program, 2011 inductee in the PPPC Hall of Fame, 2014 recipient of the PPPC Humanitarian Award and a 2015 judge for Promotional Products Education Foundation (PPEF) and most importantly, William’s mom.

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