PPAI Expo Exhibitors Give Generously To Benefit Underprivileged Schools

Kids In Need Foundation volunteers collected more than $31,000 in donated products at The PPAI Expo 2015.

Teacher EXCHANGE® staff and volunteers collected more than $31,000 in donated products at The PPAI Expo 2015.

Fifty-three exhibiting suppliers at The PPAI Expo 2015 helped underprivileged schools in the Las Vegas area by donating their extra samples to the Kids In Need Foundation after the show. The retail value of the donated products this year is estimated at more than $31,000.

“The Teacher EXCHANGE loves the PPAI show and we are recognized by many of the exhibitors every year,” says Mary Banghart, store manager, who led the organization’s efforts onsite at the Expo. “They all believe in the Kids In Need Foundation and I find that many of these exhibitors participate annually. We appreciate PPAI promoting this program.”

The Kids In Need Foundation supports a national network of 29 resource centers that benefit schoolchildren by allowing teachers from low-income schools to “shop” for school supplies free of charge. PPAI has been supporting the efforts of the organization since 2007.

Staff and volunteers from the organization’s local partner, Teacher EXCHANGE®, worked for several hours after the show closed to collect all the donated products, which included calendars, notebooks, bikes, bags, books, lanyards, toys, cookies and other assorted items.

The organization accepts product, cash and in-kind donations year round. Find out more at www.kinf.org.

PPAI sincerely thanks the following exhibitors for donating products to the Kids In Need Foundation at this year’s Expo:

Alexa Springs
Big Game International
Bike USA
California Tatoos
Canon USA
DK Publishing/Penguin Random House
Erell Mfg. Co.
Erkie, Inc.
Fatboy USA
Filexec Products
Flash Furniture
Games People Play
Gary Plastics/GaryLine
HSG Safety Supplies Inc.
Iris LTD, Inc.
Kent International
Lion Circle
Melissa & Doug LLC
Micro Clair International
Mrs. Prindibles
National Geographic
Plastic Graphics
Permium Bag, LLC
Private Label Cleaners
Royal Crest Promotions
Simon & Schuster, Inc.
Skinner & Kennedy
Sofia’s Cookies
Solar Advertising, Inc.
Tattoo Factory, Inc.
Terra Coasters
The Positive Line
The Stadium Chair Co., LLC
The United States Playing Card Co.
TJ Promotions
Wagner/Chaffee & Associates
Wall Street Greetings
Weber-Stephen Products LLC
Wendell’s Inc.
Wilton Armetale
Zane’s Cycles

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