Snooze, So You Won’t Lose


Does the hectic pace of your workday bleed into your personal time? With more people continuing to work during their “off hours,” Crown Plaza hotel has redesigned the standard hotel room to aid business travelers who need to both rest and complete a bit of work. Like the “working triangle” of a chef’s kitchen, the new rooms allow guests to move freely between the bed, a flexible ‘nook’ large enough for informal meetings and a well-lit, uncluttered workspace. There is also plenty of room for contemplative pacing. When it’s time to sleep, insulated wall panels block outside noise.

Shuttling to and from client meetings? AAA recommends drivers schedule breaks every two hours or 100 miles.

Fine tune your sleep routine. The Sleep Better app by Runtastic helps track and manage daily variables that affect sleep, such as caffeine and alcohol consumption, exercise and stress levels.

Forget about it. The American Academy of Sleep Medicine advises foregoing heavy meals, exercise and—above all—worrying before bedtime.

Ten percent of people have fallen asleep during a meeting at work.

Thirty-five percent of people have pulled all-nighters to work.

Fifty-four percent of people admit to losing sleep due to stress.



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