WLC Puts Together Extensive Speaker Lineup


WLC 2014 lineup of speakers includes (from left) Leslie Roark, owner of distributor PromoPros; Ruth Verver, CAS, a partner at distributor Paperclip Promotions; and Jamie Watson, CAS, a financial analyst with business services company Certified Marketing Consultants..

The PPAI Women’s Leadership Conference (WLC) is coming to Denver, Colorado, next month. Running July 28-30, the conference is now in its 10th year and brings together an extensive lineup of education sessions relevant and topical to women in the promotional products industry, regardless of whether they represent suppliers, distributors or business services companies.

The roster of speakers at WLC, in a schedule that includes breakouts, roundtables and general sessions, touches on all aspects of the promotional products industry. The 2014 WLC speakers include:

Courtney Clark, cancer survivor and founder of Austin Involved, which connects young professionals with meaningful philanthropic opportunities, is the opening session speaker with a presentation, “Practicing Resilient Leadership,” that covers three strategies for resilient leadership designed to help prepare for transition and to recover quickly when leadership is challenged by life’s crises. Clark will also present a breakout session, “The Giving Prescription: A Personal Plan for Healing Through Helping,” on helping trauma survivors maximize their healing by giving back to others.

Ruth Verver, CAS, a partner at Austin, Texas, distributor Paperclip Promotions, calls her session, “Market Smart. Have Fun. Be Memorable.” Verver’s session looks at maintaining market effectiveness as traditional business-to-business models change, and rethinking marketing methods and taking some risks to confront current challenges.

Laura Stack, owner of The Productivity Pro, Inc., specializes in business performance, strategy execution and employee productivity. Delivering a session, “Leave the Office Earlier: How to Get More Done in Less Time… and Feel Great About It,” Stack will share ideas on streamlining the work day without compromising output.

Life and relationship coach Laura Menze builds her work around the focus, “Helping Good People Become Great In Life & Love.” In “Where’s Your ‘Ta-Da?’ – A Fun Informational Session On Presentation Skills,” Menze will ease concerns about nerves before a big presentation, give tips on how to tell a story, show how to overcome discomfort in front of an audience and other challenges unique to presentations.

Leslie Roark, who, along with her husband, Sean, owns Spring, Texas, distributor PromoPros, is presenting a breakout session “Prezi: Bringing Your Presentations and Ideas to Life!” The instructional session introduces the audience to Prezi, a cloud-based presentation program, and gives them tips and best practices on making the best of it in their businesses.

Also delivering a breakout session at WLC is Jamie Watson, CAS, a financial analyst with business services company Certified Marketing Consultants. Watson’s session, “Personal Investments 101: Talk The Talk,” unlocks the oftentimes confusing language of investment and lays bare its underlying principles and definitions.

The closing session on Wednesday, July 30, features Kelli Vrla, a humorist and professional speaker. Her program, “Put On Your Big-Girl Panties and Ride, Cowgirl! Success & Stress Bustin’ Best Practices,” is designed by and for women in business, and is intended to prepare the audience to take on great organizational responsibilities, assess their strengths, pinpoint areas for improvement, redefine their personal brand and achieve a higher level of job satisfaction and effectiveness.

Learn more about WLC and its full lineup of speakers, and register for the July event on the PPAI website.

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