Facebook, Instagram Tops In Consumer Attachment


Social media has become a valuable tool for companies to connect with audiences and consumers with business and product news, and other content. A survey by UTA Brand Studio, United Talent Agency’s brand strategy division, and technology and consumer sampling company uSamp, found that most consumers prefer Facebook as their primary social media outlet.

Overall, consumers gave the strongest ratings to Facebook (43 percent), followed by Instagram (42 percent), YouTube (39 percent), Pinterest (38 percent) and reddit (38 percent). Factors like gender, age and household income, however, can have a large impact on the results.

The survey notes that preferences are often driven by consumers’ attachment to brands. Attachment, as defined by the survey, measures to what degree consumers see brands as similar to them, and how often they think about them. This measure is seen as a valuable tool in forecasting customer loyalty and enthusiasm.

More about the study, which was presented this week at SXSW in Austin, Texas, can be found here.

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