Maritz Motivation Solutions Launches Maritz Reward Studio Division


Maritz Motivation Solutions, based in St. Louis, Missouri, and under the same corporate umbrella as industry distributor Maritz Performance Improvement Co. (UPIC: MARI0002), has launched The Maritz Reward Studio, a new division specializing in providing global reward solutions grounded in human behavior research.

The Maritz Reward Studio is focusing its services on two different types of clients seeking rewards-only fulfillment. Those clients include:

  • Companies that have their own solutions in the marketplace and need reward fulfillment to complete or enhance the solution they offer their clients.
  • Companies that operate their own programs and simply need reward fulfillment.

“As companies seek to do more with less, outsourcing reward fulfillment allows many organizations to focus on their core strengths or invest in new areas of their businesses while offering a world-class global reward solution to their clients or people,” says Glenn Darlington, senior vice president, general manager of The Maritz Reward Studio. “With The Maritz Reward Studio, companies are able to leverage 85 years of reward experience, the buying power of a big company, and the efficiency of a nimble team.”

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