Weepuline Completes Takeover Of BIPO’s Product Line


Weepuline, LLC (UPIC: WEEPULS) has announced that the transition from BIPO to Weepuline, LLC is complete. BIPO owner Tom Blundell, inventor of the Weepul, a small, spherical, fluffy toy with large, plastic googly eyes, sold BIPO in December 2012 to long-time associate Don Grace, who named the new supplier Weepuline, LLC.

The relationship between Blundell and Grace goes back nearly 30 years. Blundell sold the Weepul product to Grace, an entrepreneur in England, for a number of years before helping Grace set up Weepul manufacturing. Since the late ’70s, Grace manufactured and sold Weepuls in England and throughout Europe, staying out of the U.S. market by agreement with Blundell.

Since becoming the sole manufacturer of the only product that can legally be called a Weepul, Weepuline has updated the product for the United States promotional market. “First, we’ve asked Michael Crooks, one of the top creative minds in U.S. promotional marketing, to join our team and assist distributors,” says Grace. “Crooks’ creative expertise will give distributors the ability to take creative, thematically relevant concepts to their clients. Second, by employing the latest technology, we can deliver stunning four-color imprinting and shapes limited only the imagination.”

U.S. Weepuline distributor support services are based in Leslie, Michigan, with administrative and accounts receivable/payable supported in Boca Raton, Florida.

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