PPAI Announces Candidates For 2014 Board Of Directors


PPAI has announced four nominees for election to the 2014 Board of Directors Class of 2018—distributor candidates Jon Levine, president of the Image Group (UPIC: IMAGEGRP), and Mary Jo Tomasini, CAS, CEO of CE Competitive Edge, LLC (UPIC: COMPEDG); and supplier candidates Rick Mouty, CEO of TSC Apparel (UPIC: TEES), and Bruce Perryman, MAS+, CEO of Embroidery Unlimited, Inc. (UPIC: EUINC).

The PPAI 2014 Board of Directors candidates include (from left) Jon Levine, president of the Image Group; Rick Mouty, CEO of TSC Apparel; Bruce Perryman, MAS+, CEO of Embroidery Unlimited, Inc.; and Mary Jo Tomasini, CAS, CEO of CE Competitive Edge, LLC.

The PPAI board election will take place from September 4 to October 4, 2013, with results available in mid-October. The election will be administered electronically by a third-party election administrator and by paper ballot as required. To vote, each PPAI member company’s designated voter can visit the PPAI voter site and click on the “VOTE” button to learn more about the candidates and cast their ballots.

“These nominees are industry leaders who bring an extraordinary range of insight and highly relevant expertise in support of PPAI’s mission and business objectives. We are pleased to see this caliber of volunteer leadership come forward as we continue work on many important strategic initiatives,” says Marc Simon, chair of the PPAI board. “I encourage every PPAI member company to cast their vote.”

Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO, adds: “Members who so generously volunteer to serve on the PPAI Board of Directors demonstrate a dedication and commitment that goes above all expectation. PPAI is fortunate to have such outstanding individuals willing to serve on behalf of their industry. We will all benefit from their knowledge of the industry and leadership.”

The PPAI Nominating Committee selected the candidates from a slate of industry professionals presented by the Leadership Advisory Committee. Two of the candidates, Levine and Tomasini, represent distributor companies, while Mouty and Perryman are with industry suppliers.

Click here to visit the PPAI voter site.

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