Jack Nadel’s New Book Wins Five Global Ebook Awards


PPB’s June issue featured a conversation with Jack Nadel, founder of Los Angeles-based distributor Jack Nadel International, and an excerpt from his new book, Evolution of an Entrepreneur. The book recently won five Global Ebook Awards.

The Global Ebook Awards presented Nadel’s book with three Gold Awards for best in business, leadership and careers/employment in their respective non-fiction categories. Two Silver Awards were also awarded to Nadel for the advertising/marketing/sales non-fiction and best ebook trailer categories.

The book, the seventh in Nadel’s career, contains insights from nearly 70 years as an entrepreneur and offers what he calls a “crash course for entrepreneurship.” Distilled from thousands of business transactions with a consistent track record of profitability without a losing year, the book was written to aid entrepreneurs and features 50 of his “best tips for surviving and thriving in business.”

“It’s very gratifying to be acknowledged for my book, The Evolution of an Entrepreneur,” says Nadel, a decorated WWII veteran. “Receiving five awards has reinforced my conviction that this was a story with advice needing to be told. I had two purposes in writing this book. The first was to share the entrepreneurial insights I’ve gained with younger entrepreneurs and veterans to help them get off to a good start, and the second was to help boost our economy, which desperately needs their involvement.”

The 2013 awards were judged this year by 205 independent judges and were hosted through Dan Poynter’s annual Global Ebook Awards. The Global Ebook Awards “are given to the best of the best,” according to its website. Judges for the awards are industry professionals with experience in ebooks and in the categories they evaluate. Poynter, industry expert and founder of the award program, has been a publisher since 1969 and has written more than 130 books.

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