Paramount Apparel International Adds Manufacturing Facility


Paramount Apparel International (UPIC: AMER0034), a designer and manufacturer of custom headwear and apparel, has leased a 12,000-square-foot building in Ellington, Missouri, to expand its manufacturing capabilities and will conduct a job fair on July 30 to accept applications and interview potential employees for the new facility. The supplier is headquartered in Bourbon, Missouri.

Trenton Price will transfer from his position at Paramount Apparel in Winona, Missouri, to become the plant manager for the new manufacturing center. The company expects to begin in August with a skeleton crew and add employees on a bi-weekly basis until it has filled out a three-shift schedule of approximately 80 full-time employees. Current projections are for a work force of approximately 65 full-time workers by the end of the year.

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