iPROMOTEu Releases List Of The Industry’s Best Dressed


iPROMOTEu (UPIC: IPRO9320) is celebrating the sartorially gifted with the release of its inaugural 2013 Best Dressed list. The list features a well-clad lineup of 15 women and 15 men from across the promotional products industry.

The Best Dressed List is based primarily from iPROMOTEu President Ross Silverstein’s own observations, although he sought input and suggestions from a few colleagues as well. Silverstein  says, “Since we started doing the Fun 30 [iPROMOTEu’s annual Fun 30, an unscientific, ranking of “fun” people in the industry], I’ve given some thought to other lists that would be fun to do. Best Dressed had been lingering in my mind for a while. I go to most every major tradeshow. I walk the show floor and see lots of people. There are some who dress really well, and this is a way to compliment them publicly.”

iPROMOTEu’s 2013 Best Dressed list recipients include:

1.    Jennifer Mason, AAA Umbrella 1.    Tim Mason, A.T. Cross
2.    Lori Bauer, Norwood & Bic Graphic USA 2.    Andrew Spellman, TRG Group
3.    Teri Reidt, ESP Promo 3.    Mark Hobbs, Pacific Coast Golf
4.    Noelle Roe, Serendipity Promotions 4.    John Pagano, JAC Marketing
5.    Paula Shulman, CAS, Prime 5.    Steve Hettrich, Hit Promotional Products
6.    Lynn Quan, Szeto Solutions 6.    Kris Robinson, PromoShop
7.    Maurina Billere, Executive Apparel 7.    Steve Rone, World Wide
8.    Kimberly Pfeifer, Kande Branding Solutions 8.    Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI
9.    Grethe Adams, Southern Plus 9.    Tim Andrews, ASI
10.    Renee Reed, Bristol ID Technologies 10.    Andy Boss, A.T. Cross
11.    Wendy Simons, IMC 11.    Giuseppe and Francesco Curto, Curto Toys
12.    Christina Mendola, ASI 12.    Jeff Plitt, K Poster
13.    Kris Fredericks, CAS, Moderne Glass 13.    Trevor Gnesin, Logomark
14.    Tayla Carpenter, iPROMOTEu 14.    Fran Ford, Castelli
15.    Missy Kilpatrick, The Book Company 15.    Mark Godsey, Gold Bond






























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