Fey Promotional Products Group Completes Molenaar Acquisition


Fey Promotional Products Group (UPIC: FEY) has completed the acquisition of Molenaar, LLC (UPIC: MILINE) first announced in April.

The acquisition of Molenaar expands Fey Promotional Products Group offerings more deeply into the housewares segment. Ron Williams, marketing director for Fey, says: “Placing your message ‘in the home’ is a distinct category for our industry, which will continually grow. While the patented ‘World’s Best Pizza Cutter’ has no comparisons, we will continue Molenaar’s new product activity and plan to introduce several new products in 2014 and beyond.”

Vice President Mike Fey, MAS, adds: “We have been training side by side with Molenaar’s associates and are delighted a number of Molenaar’s production associates, customer service representatives and graphic artists will be joining Fey.”

Distributors who have done business with M-i Line in the past should continue to use the same email address and fax number, and call the same phone number. “We have been very intentional to make things as seamless as possible and help customers find their dealings with M-I Line and Fey Promotional Products Group dependable, fast, easy and simple.”

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