Volunteer Spotlight: John Goessling, MAS


John Goessling, MAS

This month, as part of PPB’s spotlight on the volunteers who have helped the Association expand and succeed in its mission of supporting its members, the magazine sat down with John Goessling, MAS, member of the PPAI Board of Directors and president of Fenton, Missouri-based supplier Quick Point, Inc. (UPIC: QUICKPT).

PPB: What is the most meaningful thing you’ve learned during your time on the PPAI board?

John Goessling: This is so cliché, but during my tenure, the most meaningful aspect is far and away the concept of volunteerism. As a director on the board, I have seen firsthand the immense impact that our PPAI volunteer members can have and have had on the direction of our industry. From work group members to board members, from education day greeters to GRAC [Government Relations Action Council] participants meeting with our nation’s leaders, it has become clear to me that this industry would not be the success that it is without our volunteer members.

PPB: What does an average day as a supplier look like for you?

JG: An average day as a supplier … coffee! Seriously though, did I mention the coffee? Next order of detail, I check on staff from the office and art department, to decorating, manufacturing and shipping. I like to see if there are issues that need attention and ensure things are running smoothly. I look to see if orders are getting out on time, if they leave the building with the quality we expect and how we can improve what we are already doing. This involves daily meetings, updates from my staff and, on occasion, working on a machine or assembling an order to make an event. I also try to dedicate a portion of each day to improving my communications with employees, distributors and even other suppliers. Clear communication is the ultimate goal for a successful day and a successful business.

PPB: What is the one thing most people do not know about you?

JG: I am an apiarist (beekeeper)! Some think I’m crazy, but I get a kick out of it.

PPB: Tell us about your personal side—family, hobbies, etc.

JG: My wife, Alisa, and I have three exceptional children: John, 22; Annie, 18; and Christopher, 17.  While I don’t have enough time to participate in as many hobbies as I would like, my hobbies include hunting, fishing and other outdoor activities. I also enjoy photography and carpentry.

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