United Way Updates Policy Regarding Its Trademarks On Promotional Products


To better protect its brand, United Way Worldwide has announced policy changes regarding trademark usage on promotional products.  Effective January 1, 2013, distributors are required to be licensed in order to use the United Way trademarks on products.  Trademarks include the iconic brand mark as well as the newer LIVE UNITED® logo.

United Way Worldwide is the leadership organization for the United Way network and the owner of the United Way Brand marks.

Products inside the broad category of promotional products, including apparel, awards, cups, bags, signs and the like, are all affected. The new licensing model is intended to help ensure consistency in promoting the brand’s visual identity, while strengthening United Way’s ability to effectively communicate its message.

Distributors seeking to continue selling United Way branded products should email requests for further information to brandlicensing@uww.unitedway.org. Response emails will provide brief summaries of the new licensing requirements, a license application and a draft license.  The licensing process generally takes about two weeks.

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  1. The best thing about promotional items to me is the fact that a lot of the items are very fun to play with. They have robot shaped USB drives, stress balls are no longer sand filled balloons (miss those), and of course the pen’s that have the cruise ship moving around in the pen when you turn it upside down. Innovation is why branding items works

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