Revisit The PPAI Expo 2013’s Education Sessions


PPAI’s webinar series revisits some of the valuable education opportunities available at The PPAI Expo 2013 with its Best Of Expo 2013 lineup of sessions. Running through April, these webinars bring back the best practices, ideas and topics, as well as the engaging presenters of the Expo’s extensive education schedule.

March 14: BEST OF EXPO 2013: What You Must Know About Co-Op Advertising
 A recording of the webinar is available here.

April 4: BEST OF EXPO 2013: Solution Selling

April 11: BEST OF EXPO 2013: Attracting and Retaining Next-Generation Employees and Customers

April 16: BEST OF EXPO 2013: Public Speaking: Make Every Presentation Count

April 18: BEST OF EXPO 2013: Capture, Craft & Captivate To Tell A Compelling Story

April 24: BEST OF EXPO 2013: Practical and Tactical Social Media

April 25: BEST OF EXPO 2013: How To Make Money In Premiums, Incentives And Recognition

Other webinars in the coming weeks include:

March 28: Using Graphics To Tell A Story

April 3: CPSIA: How to Develop A Reasonable Test Programs

April 9: Transitioning To A Promotional Consultant

PPAI’s on-demand webinars and videos enable industry members to continue their professional development anywhere, anytime. Click here for more information.

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