Promotional Products Work! Week Brings Out The Industry’s Best


Last week, promotional products companies across the country took part in the inaugural Promotional Products Work! Week (PPW!W). Running February 26-March 1, PPW!W  was designed to demonstrate the effectiveness of promotional products.

Promotional products and the industry’s skilled professionals play important roles in all aspects of advertising, marketing and business. To be celebrated annually, PPW!W brings together the entire industry—large and small companies, regional associations, distributors and suppliers, business services providers and multi-line representatives—in support of demonstrating the power, value and effectiveness of promotional products.

“No doubt the success of this first-of-its-kind event was in large part due to industry members’ input, contributions and participation and it will attract (and already has) the attention and interest of the industry worldwide,” said Marc Simon, PPAI Board Chair, in a written statement to participants. “You should be proud of all you have accomplished on behalf of the industry, your companies, your businesses and your customer relationships. By carrying the PPW!W mantle, you have demonstrated that promotional products are the most cost-effective way to impact a targeted audience in a tangible, long-lasting and memorable manner. And, working with promotional products experts produces results.”

(From left) Molly Beavers, senior marketing manager, Newton Manufacturing Company; Mancil Laidig, president, Newton Manufacturing Company; Jeff Stolp, treasurer, Newton Manufacturing Company; Mayor Michael L. Hanson (seated); Chris Vernon, president, Vernon Company; Mark Gammon, central region manager, Vernon Company; Stephanie Vernon Critchfield, western region manager, Vernon Company; and Dave McNeer, president, Maxim Advertising.

A number of companies and organizations have shared how they celebrated PPW!W:

•    Vernon Company (UPIC: Vernon), Newton Manufacturing Company (UPIC: NEWTON) and Maxim Advertising (UPIC: MAXI0001) joined with the Newton, Iowa, Mayor Michael L. Hanson to proclaim Promotional Products Work! Week. All three businesses were founded in Newton and have kept their national headquarters in the city.

“We are very appreciative of the support the Newton community has shown each of our businesses and, in turn, promotional products industry,” said Molly Beavers, Newton Manufacturing’s senior marketing manager.

Stephanie Vernon Critchfield, CAS, Vernon Company’s western region manager, added: “Newton has been a great partner for our businesses and ultimately the industry as a whole. This community has embraced the promotional products industry and helped each of us succeed.”

•    On day three of PPW!W, a day focused on giving back to the community, members of the Upper Midwest Association of Promotional Products (UMAPP) met with Community Health Charities Minnesota. They chose the organization because it represents36 charities and has demonstrated a strong commitment to the community. The discussion was a chance for UMAPP to learn about volunteer opportunities and to explore how it can help the organization. David Hawes, MAS+, with Geiger, volunteered to speak on the group’s behalf during its corporate campaign later in the year.

•    The Three Rivers Advertising Specialty Association (TRASA) also capitalized on PPW!Week’s Day of Service, joined The Education Partnership, a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania-based organization dedicated to addressing education inequities. Members helped organize and inventory donated school supplies to be distributed to 6,200 local students as part of the Education Partnership’s school supply drive.

•    To celebrate its 20th anniversary and PPW!W, Scarborough Specialties (UPIC: SCARSPEC) hosted an open house at its new downtown Fort Worth, Texas, offices. The event brought clients to the facility to meet the distributor’s staff, get a first-hand look at the new showroom and to mingle with their colleagues and peers.

To see how other companies and organizations showcased promotional products’ power and reach during PPW!W, visit the Facebook page here. Also, look for a full recap of PPW!W in the June issue of PPB magazine.

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  1. Promotional products play a big role for any corporate event and these type of one-of its kind events for the promotional products are a good step to promote these companies

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