PPAI Industry Professionals LinkedIn Group Grows To 5,041 Members


The PPAI Industry Professionals Networking group on LinkedIn has passed 5,000 members. The unofficial group brings together professionals working for companies that are members of PPAI.

Distributor Ken Kelsey, MAS, founded the group in March 2008. A past-member of PPAI’s board of directors, Kelsey participated in groups on LinkedIn and thought a similar group for members of PPAI or people whose companies were members of the Association would fill a valuable niche.

“It’s an opportunity to communicate,” Kelsey says. “The future in business is being part of a group of like-minded people. Groups like this are a forum to connect with our peers and share ideas.”

The group, which includes distributors, suppliers, reps and service providers, is a way for participants to discuss issues relevant to the industry and PPAI. While membership in the group is open only to current members of PPAI, it is privately run and not affiliated with the Association.

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