Get To Know PPAI Regional Relations Manager Cassondra Franze


At the end of 2012, Cassondra Franze joined PPAI as manager of regional relations. Immediately off and running in her new role, Franze has been working closely with the 27 regional associations and the RAC Board. Recently, she took some time out of her busy schedule to tell PPB Newslink a bit about her background and interests.

PPB Newslink: What was your professional background before joining PPAI?

CF: I bring over six years of association experience to PPAI. I began my career with Meeting Professionals International (MPI), progressing through the ranks to strategic partnership manager. While there, I streamlined and implemented a number of processes that resulted in significant increases in revenue and reductions in expenses.

I left MPI to take a position working with the Corporate Alliances division of Six Flags Entertainment, where I was instrumental in the development of several national partnership marketing programs.

PPB Newslink: What attracted you to your new position within the Association?

CF: The excitement of the team as they take the department in a new direction. I love getting in on the ground floor of a project and having the opportunity to contribute to its successes. P.S., Did I mention I love my team?

PPB Newslink: What are your initial objectives in the position?

CF: My initial objectives for this position are threefold. I want to establish good, working relationships with each of the regional association executive directors. Also, there are many tools and processes we can put in place for them to make their jobs easier, and my goal is to develop and implement some of those over the next year. And finally, I have been working closely with the PPAI professional development department on maximizing the educational offerings at Leadership Development Workshop this September.

PPB Newslink: Outside of PPAI, what are your pursuits and enthusiasms?

CF: I have recently picked up an old hobby of mine, trail running, and make a point to get out once a week for a long run. Other than that, I am busy preparing my daughter to start kindergarten this fall and supporting her ambitious gymnastics dreams.

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