Promotional Products Work! Week Now Under Way


PPAI and Association members kicked off the inaugural Promotional Products Work! Week Monday to demonstrate the effectiveness of promotional products. Running through Friday, March 1, Promotional Products Work! Week celebrates the crucial role promotional products and skilled industry professionals play in all aspects of advertising, marketing and business.

To be celebrated annually, the week-long event brings together the entire industry—large and small companies, regional associations, distributors and suppliers, business services providers and multi-line representatives—in support of demonstrating the power, value and effectiveness of promotional products.

Promotional Products Work! Week’s goals are:

  • Ensure that the promotional products industry remains vibrant and dynamic
  • Empower promotional products professionals to educate current and prospective clients about the power of promotional products
  • Work with regional associations to energize and localize campaign penetration into all markets
  • Recognize businesses that creatively use promotional products in successful marketing communications campaigns
  • Reach national and local legislators to share the strength of the industry and its impact on the U.S. and global economies
  • Inform colleges and universities
  • Unite the industry, boost morale and motivation
  • Raise awareness, educate, inform and recognize
  • Increase the use of promotional products

Each day of Promotional Products Work! Week has a different focus on getting out the message that promotional products and skilled industry professionals play important roles in all aspects of advertising and marketing. On Monday members were encouraged to host an open house or company tour, while today’s “Speak For The Industry” focus takes the message to colleges, clubs, business groups and other organizations. Wednesday is a day of service in support of a charity or other organization, while on Thursday participants will share the industry’s impact on the economy with local legislators, politicians and government officials. Friday, Promotional Products Work! Week wraps up with an opportunity to say “thank you” to customers and clients.

A number of companies participating in Promotional Products Work! Week have shared their plans for the event.

  • ProAdSpec (UPIC: PROADSPC) in Sun Prairie, Wisconsin, is hosting an open house today to speak with the community about the industry and build personal connections. The distributor is also using the opportunity to showcase its new facility.
  • Today, Stahls’ ID Direct’s (UPIC: STAH0001) Mary Blondell is hosting a webinar, “Take Control Of Your Decorating With Promotional Products,” and the supplier is hosting a lunch-and-learn tomorrow at its Saint Clair Shores, Michigan, headquarters.
  • Denver, Colorado-based Specialty Incentives (UPIC: spclty) is donating products and money in support of a local charity, Volunteers of America. The company began collecting discontinued products from their associates and supplier partners at the start of the year.

PPAI encourages participating companies and industry practitioners to share their photos and video from Promotional Products Work! Week with the rest of the industry. To upload and share, fill out this short submission form. Also, share your photos on PPAI’s Facebook page and tweet about the week using the hash tag #PPWWeek.

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