New PPAI Study Shows 88 Percent Recall The Advertiser On Promotional Products


In conjunction with Promotional Products Work! Week—an industry event dedicated to demonstrating the importance of promotional products as a powerful and effective advertising medium—PPAI released a new study, The Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior, that looks at promotional products’ delivery of reach, recall and return on investment in the advertising industry. The study found they impact a targeted audience in a tangible, long-lasting and memorable manner. Promotional products are used to educate, highlight safety awareness, support worthy causes, recognize and reward employee achievements, support legislation and inspire action.

PPAI research shows:

  • 88 percent recall the advertiser on promotional products
  • 85 percent have done business with the advertiser after receiving a promotional item
  • 83 percent like promotional products
  • 81 percent keep them because they are useful
  • 53 percent use promotional products once a week
  • 47 percent keep them for more than a year

Paul Bellantone, CAE, PPAI president and CEO, says, “Promotional Products Work! Week is a celebration of one of the oldest forms of branding and advertising. For more than 110 years, PPAI has been actively involved in advocating for and demonstrating the effectiveness of promotional products as an advertising medium. With almost three decades of comprehensive research published, The Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior study further substantiates promotional products are a worthwhile and highly effective medium for advertisers and marketers as they consider their advertising investment options.”

To read The Influence of Promotional Products on Consumer Behavior, click here.

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